Could Friday The 13th Finally Return To Theaters? Corey Feldman Seems To Think So

Corey Feldman stands with a shaved head in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

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It used to be that if you were looking for Jason Voorhees to stalk you into theaters, all you had to do was wait for the next Friday the 13th movie to arrive. Eventually, due to legal issues and underwhelming reboots, the odds of running into Jason in the woods became as slim as his machete blade. However, if former franchise star Corey Feldman is anyone to believe, Friday the 13th might finally return to theaters in the near future.

While speaking with MovieWeb, Corey Feldman had some interesting knowledge to drop for fans of the legacy slasher franchise. It started with the fact that if Friday the 13th is getting into a position to cut into production on a legacyquel, Feldman has an idea on where it should pick up. Which led to the following rundown on how he’s been made to believe the legal woes surrounding this franchise are settled:

I think if we do any reboots, the reboot should be the Tommy vs. Jason reboot. Interestingly enough, some guy came up to me at a party, this is true, two weeks ago, and said he has resolved the rights issues. He's a lawyer, and he has resolved the rights issues around Friday the 13th, and that things are working out, and now they'll be able to start making Friday the 13th movies again.

Some of you might be a bit confused as to why Corey Feldman is so passionate about Friday the 13th, so let’s run through a quick history lesson. Feldman played the character of Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Meant to originally end the Jason Voorhees saga, young Tommy helped kill Jason, but was teased to potentially be the next slasher to haunt Camp Crystal Lake. A couple more sequels without Corey Feldman’s interpretation of the character further tested the waters, but ultimately Tommy went from being the next Jason to a legacy victim.

It’s unknown how the “Tommy vs. Jason” concept works with those subsequent installments, but Corey Feldman feels that this lawyer’s case is legit enough for him to resurrect hopes of a return to theaters for Friday the 13th. Though way before this new hope sprang eternal, Feldman apparently helped work out a treatment for this new installment thanks to the help of another franchise veteran:

Me and the original writer of The Final Chapter, Barney Cohen, had gotten together and fleshed out a treatment for Tommy vs. Jason and we were pitching it to Paramount and New Line about 6-7 years ago, but it just never went forward because of all the tie-up and all the legal litigation stuff going on. But that's it, if that stuff is truly over, then maybe it's time to revisit that conversation.

In a scenario that feels like the reverse of Paul Rudd’s invitation back to the Halloween series, Corey Feldman is convinced that Friday the 13th is ready to return, with him reprising his legacy role in a Halloween H20-style showdown. Which is great, because a legacyquel, or any return of Jason Voorhees at this point, is something that fans have been hoping to see for some time. Naturally we’ll have to wait and see if any official movement is made on bringing the Paramount/Warner Bros-connected series back to life; but it does sound like we might see Camp Crystal Lake return within our time, finally giving proper closure to one of the most chilling endings of horror history.

For now, audiences will just have to gorge themselves on the upcoming horror offerings that 2021, and beyond, have to offer. And if you want to watch any or all of the Friday the 13th movies, at the time of this writing, all you need is a subscription to both Starz and HBO Max. You can subscribe to the latter thanks to the current offer being made to newcomers to the platform.

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