George Clooney Responds After Famous Lake Cuomo Property Floods

Danny Ocean filling the guys in on his plan in Ocean's Twelve

During his bachelor years, George Clooney spent much of his time buying up homes across the globe. Of course, the most famous of this property has been his Lake Cuomo property Villa Oleandra. Before marriage and children, paparazzi photos and rumored parties wove stories of a bachelor living his life carefree. In recent years, the place has become a haven for him and his family away from the spotlight. But the picturesque property was subjected to a flash fold in recent years. After reports emerged about the flood, Clooney has finally responded to the news.

According to UK’s The Sun, Clooney’s Lake Cuomo property became endangered as streets were flooded due to the area experiencing 72 hours of torrential rain. The river and streams overran their banks leading to flooding in multiple villages and towns along the river. While George Clooney, his family and his property came out unscathed, other residents ended up having to be rescued after being trapped in their homes.

For many George Clooney fans, the Lake Cuomo property has been a staple of fun parties and countless Clooney sightings. The publicized times came when the two-time Oscar winner was filming 2004’s Ocean’s Twelve. The paparazzi caught him spending time with the cast during the making of the heist comedy. So, the residence holds a special place for the Hollywood star.

After the flood, George Clooney spoke on being at home with his wife and children as things took a turn. Despite his property experiencing no damage, Clooney revealed the damage in the surrounding area was much worse. The Midnight Sky star said about the severity of the flooding:

It’s so much worse than anybody thinks. We were in Cernobbio, and it was very bad. But here in Laglio, it’s much worse. They think it could be years and millions of dollars before they fix it up. This town has been here forever, it’s going to continue and it’s going to be stronger and come back better, this is a very resilient town.

It’s nice to know that George Clooney is completely behind his community as they try to rebuild after such a horrific experience. Being the charitable person he is, Clooney is using his celebrity to shine the spotlight on the area. Hopefully, getting the word out will help the community rebuild sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, Clooney and his family weren’t harmed by the flood. Property can be replaced but loved ones can’t. Of course, the actor has made his family his top priority despite some hiccups along the way. While Clooney fights for his community, he appears to be between projects with The Tender Bar done filming and Ticket to Paradise’s start date not announced. Let’s hope things work out for everyone in the end.

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