Jungle Cruise 2: 6 Elements From The Disney Ride The Sequel Needs To Include

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise
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So you’ve set sail on Jungle Cruise and you’re ready for seconds? Disney’s latest based-on-a-ride movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt was an absolute blast, but when it comes to getting back on it, it’s going to take a lot more imagination than jumping back in line as we do at Disney Parks. Following the movie’s release, Johnson has shared that Jungle Cruise 2 conversations are already in the works, and there’s a lot of backstory from the rides stationed around the world that should be explored in the next expedition.

The Jungle Cruise ride opened in the original Disneyland theme park with the opening of the park itself back in 1955, and has since been added to Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. In the ride’s 60+ years of existence, there’s been a narrative that has grown around it that could be added to the Jungle Cruise movies. Let’s talk through some interesting elements of the ride for Jungle Cruise 2 that could be weaved in.

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The Society Of Explorers And Adventurers

The No. 1 aspect of the Jungle Cruise ride that would be interesting for the sequel to dive into is the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, or S.E.A. You’d have to be a big Disney Parks fan to know this, but it's a fictional society that was created for Hong Kong Disneyland to tie certain attractions together, starting with its haunted house attraction Mystic Manor in 2013.

S.E.A. is an organization made up of all sorts of people, including adventurers and scientists from around the world who are dedicated to exploring the most exotic lands. It is rumored that Disney+ is working on a series about the organization, and Jungle Cruise 2 could be the perfect place for Disney Studios to introduce S.E.A. the world and expand it into even more adventure films and properties.

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall in Jungle Cruise

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The Amazing Hathaway Browne

Within the S.E.A. backstory, there is a 20th century aviator who was recently added to the ride named Hathaway Browne. Browne is a former member of S.E.A. and partook in a competition called the Balderdash Cup, which had its competitors racing to find the best adventure story. Hathaway Browne won this award and is said to have met Trader Sam, who was in the Jungle Cruise movie.

In the most recent update to the Jungle Cruise ride in Magic Kingdom, a crashed plane was added to the attraction with lettering reading “The Amazing Hathaway Browne,” indicating that Disney is still invested in the fictional character in the age of the movie’s existence and wants us to be too. It would be interesting to see the character in the flesh, perhaps running into Johnson and Blunt’s Frank and Lily on their next adventure while competing in the Balderdash Cup.

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall in Jungle Cruise

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Albert Falls And the Jungle Navigation Company

Another name in the Jungle Cruise ride that should be expanded upon in Jungle Cruise 2 is Dr. Albert Falls, as he was briefly referenced in the movie as someone who had previously searched for the Tree of Life and was the person who recovered the arrowhead in Lily’s possession. Falls is a member of S.E.A. and owns a company called The Jungle Navigation, which is the name of Frank Wolff’s company in Jungle Cruise.

By the sounds of the timeline, Albert Falls may no longer be alive in the Jungle Cruise movie, but maybe the sequel could build upon the character through flashbacks. He seems to have met with Dwayne Johnson’s character in the past, and he either given Frank the company or Frank took it on after his death. Either way, Falls is key to the ride given his map of Jungle Rivers of Adventureland sits at the entrance of the ride itself.

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Alberta Falls And The Jungle Cruise Skippers

Alberta Falls is the granddaughter of Albert Falls, and she's a more likely option out of the Falls family to be an active character in Jungle Cruise 2. Alberta was introduced in the Skipper Canteen restaurant located in Magic Kingdom. She is the daughter of Albert Falls Jr., a historian, and Indian artist Sneh Falls. She was sent to live with Dr. Albert Falls, takes after them as an adventurer and is raised among other Jungle Cruise skippers.

We could perhaps see Dwayne Johnson and Alberta Falls connecting in Jungle Cruise 2 if the character knew Frank while she was a child, and maybe she comes to realize that he’s somehow alive after all these years. She might be an adventurer herself in adulthood and perhaps will want to follow in his footsteps or find out the mystery of what happened to him during his mission to the Tree of Life.

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The Voice of The Jungle

I don’t know why, but there’s a lot of Alberts in the Jungle Cruise universe, including Albert Awol, a.k.s. the “Voice of the Jungle,” in the Jungle Cruise ride. The character was created back in 1991 to be heard on a loop for nearly 50 minutes while guests wait in line to board the Magic Kingdom version of the ride. Albert Awol is a fun gag in Jungle Cruise who can be heard on a radio playing ‘30s tunes and makes announcements for the Jungle Navigation company that none of the skippers actually tune in for.

He would be a fun character to add to the movie because he can provide comedic relief. Maybe the sequel has Frank employing more skippers to reprise his business, and Albert Awol is their radio contact who no one really listens to.

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The Curse Of The Emerald Trinity

One final element of the ride that could translate well for Jungle Cruise 2 is the Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween overlay for Jungle Cruise called “Curse of the Emerald Trinity,” which briefly opened and closed in 2015. The storyline follows a disgraced archaeologist (and rival of Indiana Jones) who is kicked out of S.E.A and is seeking out a set of jewels called the Emerald Trinity.

It was a fun idea that was never widespread throughout the Disney parks, but could make an interesting plot line for Jungle Cruise 2. And hey, it could open the door for the movie series finding some connections with the Indiana Jones movies as Harrison Ford shoots the fifth film.

There’s a ton of inside Disney Parks elements of Jungle Cruise that could translate really well to the series launched in Jungle Cruise now playing in theaters on Disney+ Premier Access!

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