How Michael Keaton Felt Suiting Up As Batman Again For The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton in Batman

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After a year of uncertainty, the DC Extended Universe is expanding through a number of highly anticipated projects. One of these blockbusters is Andy Muschietti’s Flash movie, which will finally give Ezra Miller’s title character the center stage. The mysterious project will also see Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, with the beloved actor recently revealing how it felt suiting back up in the cape and cowl.

Michael Keaton starred in Tim Burton’s original pair of Batman movies, eventually leaving the role and making way for Val Kilmer to lead Batman Forever. Moviegoers are thrilled to learn that Keaton would be back as Gotham’s Protector, and the Birdman actor recently shared what it was like suiting back up. In his words,

It was shockingly… normal. It was weird. And I went, ‘Oh, oh yeah, that’s right.’ But also then you start to play the scenes. A lot of memories, a lot of really interesting sense memories actually.

Well, I’m intrigued. Despite the discomfort that comes with Batman’s cowl, it seems that playing the Dark Knight was like riding a bike for Michael Keaton. What’s more, memories from decades ago are coming back to him while working on The Flash.

Michael Keaton’s comments come from a recent conversation he had with ReelBlend co-host Jake Hamilton about his new release The Protege. Eventually the conversation turned to his upcoming debut in the DC Extended Universe, and the highly anticipated return of his Batman. And while not actually revealing anything about the contents of Andy Muschietti’s Flash movie, it seems that Keaton is enjoying himself while stepping back into the role of Bruce Wayne years later.

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While it’s unclear exactly how Michael Keaton’s Batman will factor into the story of The Flash, he’s not the only version of Bruce Wayne expected to appear. Ben Affleck will also be returning as the DCEU’s Batman, which seemingly hints at Barry Allen traveling through the multiverse. Add in the introduction of Supergirl, and it seems like the story could go seemingly anywhere.

Michael Keaton’s inclusion in The Flash definitely blew the minds of moviegoers, and has helped buoy anticipation as Ezra Miller’s solo movie finally comes together. The project might have been stuck in development hell for years, but it’s finally coming together. And for Keaton, returning to Bruce Wayne/ Batman doesn’t sound all that bad.

The Flash is currently expected to arrive in theaters on November 4th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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