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Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy Is Giving Out Free Coffee, Courtesy Of His Nemesis Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman in Reminiscence, Ryan Reynolds and Lil Rel Howery in Free Guy, pictured side by side

Even the most bitter rivalries can agree on several universal truths, like the love of that beautiful caffeinated perfection known as coffee. So when a hilarious 'feud' like the one between Free Guy’s Ryan Reynolds and Reminiscence’s Hugh Jackman approaches that subject, it feels like something sweet could come out of the deal, right? Well, it absolutely has, as Reynold’s playful nemesis has announced that Free Guy is giving out free coffee, through his company Laughing Man Coffee.

As most developments in the Ryan Reynolds/Hugh Jackman feud tend to do, this update comes to the world via Instagram. So if you’re amped for both Free Guy’s release, and a free cup of coffee while supplies last, you’re going to want to follow along with this story carefully. First, let’s take a look at the post from Laughing Man Coffee:

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So here’s the short version of what you have to do. If you’re in the New York City area, and you want to grab some free Laughing Man Coffee, all you have to do is stop at the Duane St café location on Friday August 13th, and claim your coffee. Though it’s a “while supplies last” sort of deal, so if you have somewhere to be, and don’t want to miss out on some Free Guy promotional java, you should plan your day accordingly.

Not only is this Free Guy promotion absolutely fitting when you take into account the marketing muscle both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been known to flex, but it fits into the central character of the film as well. NPC/bank teller Guy always starts the morning with a cup of coffee, and it plays an interesting part in his daily routine during his journey of self discovery. You might not think a morning coffee could turn a world like Free City into something different, but after seeing director Shawn Levy’s film, you may look at your next Starbucks run a little differently.

Of course, the further details for Free Guy’s big coffee giveaway wouldn’t be complete without some humorous swipes being taken. This is, after all, an era in which Shawn Levy himself has become the subject of the silly spat between both of his previous collaborators. And while that potential Real Steel sequel isn’t a reality just yet, Hugh Jackman won’t let that stop him, and his brand, from having some fun like what you’ll see below:

Oh, look who needs our help now? @vancityreynolds and @freeguymovie This Friday come by the Duane St café for some FREE coffee on Free Guy. See what they did there free and free…genius! IN THEATERS THIS FRIDAY! Get it while supplies last. #freeguy #freecoffee #allbehappy

It’s an offer that feels too good to be true, but actually exists, waiting for Free Guy’s potential fans to claim it. And what a dastardly offer it is, thanks to the nefarious Hugh Jackman trying to get people jacked up on caffeine and Ryan Reynolds’ brand of comedy. What’s next? Is Aviation Gin going to create a cocktail for Reminiscence’s opening weekend? No, seriously, is that going to happen; because people will need time to grab a bottle before the big debut.

Should you be on Team Ryan Reynolds, celebrate Free Guy by grabbing that free coffee and heading out to the movies starting this Thursday! If you’re Team Hugh Jackman, Reminiscence opens next week, in theaters and on HBO Max; but sadly, no tie-in has been announced just yet. Your move, Mr. Reynolds!

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