Ryan Reynolds Shares New Free Guy Trailer With A Ton More Action And Jodie Comer

The wait for Ryan Reynolds’ action/comedy Free Guy could be counted as an experience you could only find in a video game. Every time audiences and the actor alike have gotten hyped for a new release date, a delay would come around and everybody would respawn to square one. But not it feels like it’s definitely happening this summer, and a new trailer with a lot of action, and some additional Jodie Comer footage, makes it all feel a little more real.

Free Guy’s latest reel of fun debuted on Twitter to promote the August 13th date that the 20th Century Studios film currently occupies. Providing another look into the world of Free City and Ryan Reynolds’ cheerful protagonist Guy, we see car crashes, explosions, and a lot of verbal threats from Taika Waititi. But we also get to see more of Killing Eve star Jodie Comer acting as a sort of guide to Guy, as she’s trying to complete her own mission in both the real and virtual world. Oh, did we mention the car stunts?

Ever the marketing enthusiast, Ryan Reynolds shared this trailer on his own personal social media platform. And as you’ll see in the message he included along with the goods, he couldn’t be happier to finally be sharing Free Guy with the world. Naturally, there’s even some good natured double entendre included, making this a true Ryan Reynolds approved message:

Jodie Comer may have put something inside me. Or Taika? Not entirely sure, but the wait to find out is almost over. #FreeGuy FINALLY hits theaters August 13th! Hallelujah! p.s. I love this movie so hard.

Oh Mr. Reynolds, you scamp you. Reading his Free Guy tweet, you can practically hear the mischief in his voice, but also the love that he has for the Shawn Levy directed film. Much like his marketing for the brands that he personally has a hand in operating, Ryan Reynolds has put some extra love and care into the proceedings surrounding this film. Each new look only reinforces that, and by the looks of Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, and the entire Free Guy cast, it looks like everybody else was enthusiastically on board as well.

Though it may be a video game centered quest of chaos and comedy, Free Guy looks to be a movie that will appeal to audiences far and wide. So far, that mission looks like it’s been accomplished, and if plans finally hold up, those results will be in a theater near you rather soon. Provided nobody hits the reset button again.

Free Guy will try not only to make it a good day, but a great day, when it arrives in theaters on August 13th. Though Ryan Reynolds fans of a more R-rated bracket can catch him in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, which hits theaters on June 16th. Either way, prepare to enjoy a little bit of Reynolds’ tastes in pop music as a result.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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