Rachael Leigh Cook Reflects On She’s All That Co-Star Paul Walker’s Death And Why It Hit Her Hard

Paul Walker in She's All That

Cult classic favorites are often getting revamped, and the 1999 She’s All That joins the throwback trend as He’s All That heads to Netflix. The gender swapped reboot brings back some favorite faces from the original, but the absence of Paul Walker is one missed not only by the fans, but by an original star as well. In fact, returning star Rachael Leigh Cook reflects on the loss of Walker and why it hit her so hard.

He’s All That may have a newer and younger cast for the most part, but the throwback film does bring back familiar faces in Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Cook says how gutted she feels to miss out on getting a reunion with Paul Walker, particularly she say was able to have a reunion with Lillard. The actress said:

I remember how hard it hit me when I heard about Paul’s passing, because you always think that there’s going to be—this is the corniest thing I’ve ever said—but you always think that there’s going to be time to reminisce with people, the way I’m doing with you now—or the way I got to do with Matt[hew Lillard, who has a role in He’s All That]—about a time that was.

It’s been over 20 years since She’s All That was released, and the stars are likely completely different people now than they were back then, as they have lived two whole decades of adulthood since the '90s classic filmed. Coming back together with another person you worked closely with years later has to be a trip, but it's a moment Rachael Leigh Cook was unable to have with her co-star. In fact, it's still a little hard to believe Paul Walker died nearly a decade ago. He'd be approaching 50 if he were still alive today.

The fact that Paul Walker didn’t get some of those chapters is heartbreaking enough, but it must be a whole new level of sadness to realize that Walker would likely have had the opportunity to be a part of that project right along with Matthew Lillard and Rachael Leigh Cook if he were alive today. In a way, the film marks just another thing that Walker could have touched with his life and shown up for another fanbase, as he always did with the Fast family.

Not all of the OG cast returned for He’s All That, but to catch those appearances, the movie is streaming on Netflix right now. As tough as his absence may be, the fact that a creation spinning off from something in his past is proof that he left a legacy that will be remembered by his fans.

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