Madison Pettis: What To Watch If You Like The He's All That Actress

Madison Pettis on He's All That

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In the Netflix original romantic comedy He’s All That - a gender-swapped remake of 1999’s She’s All That, which was already a modern update of 1964’s My Fair Lady - Addison Rae plays a teenage social media influencer who accepts a bet to turn the least popular dude at her school (Tanner Buchanan) into a prom king. Playing the one who one proposes the wager is Madison Pettis, whom you might recognize from TV shows like The Fosters or from her recurring voice role on Phineas and Ferb, but might not have remembered that her acting career goes back ever further.

To possibly help refresh your memory, here is a look at some of the most notable roles from the 23-year-old actress and model’s filmography so far, starting with her feature film debut alongside one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis in The Game Plan

The Game Plan (Disney+)

The life of a hot shot professional football player (Dwayne Johnson) changes irrevocably after meeting an eight-year-old girl (Madison Pettis) who informs him that she is the daughter he never knew.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: In her very first movie, Madison Pettis totally steals the show, even when sharing the screen with one of the most charismatic and beloved actors working today, in 2007’s The Game Plan, which was also the first of many Disney movies for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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Madison Pettis in Seven Pouds

Seven Pounds (Netflix)

A man (Will Smith) mysteriously puts himself on a mission to change the lives of seven random people, only to see a wrinkle form in his plan when he finds himself falling in love with one of the strangers he intends to help.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: A year after starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in The Game Plan, Madison Pettis starred alongside another charismatic and beloved Hollywood heavy in 2008’s Seven Pounds - a tense melodrama in which she plays the daughter of a woman whom Will Smith’s character helps get out of an abusive relationship.

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Madison Pettis on Cory in the House

Cory In The House (Apple TV Purchase)

After his father (Rondelle Sheridan) is hired as the personal chef to the President of the United States, a teenage boy (Kyle Massey) comes with him to live in the White House.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: Months before The Game Plan came out, Madison Pettis already had a place in the Disney family from her role as the President’s daughter in Disney Channel’s first That’s So Raven spin-off, Cory in the House, which is not yet available to stream on Disney+, nor can it be purchased digitally on Amazon, but it can be bought on Apple TV.

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Jim Carrey in Horton Hears a Who!

Horton Hears A Who! (Amazon Prime, Disney+)

When he discovers that a whole community of microscopic beings are living on top of a small speck of dust, an elephant (Jim Carrey) makes it his responsibility to find them a safe to place keep living somewhere in his dangerous jungle home.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: In her next big Disney movie, Madison Pettis would lend her voice to various characters in Horton Hears A Who!, a winning animated comedy that many consider to be one of best Dr. Seuss movies yet.

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Madison Pettis as Adyson Sweetwater on Phineas and Ferb

Phineas And Ferb (Disney+)

A clever boy (Vincent Martella) and his equally inventive and crafty stepbrother (former Game of Thrones cast member Thomas Brodie-Sangster) set out on a mission to make every day of summer vacation the best day possible, by making wild and imaginative ideas of their own and from their friends come true.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: From 2009 to 2014, Madison Pettis would also lend her voice to one of the most popular animated Disney Channel original series in the network’s history, Phineas and Ferb, in the recurring role of Fireside Girls member Adyson Sweetwater.

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Madison Pettis as Izzy on Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jake And The Neverland Pirates (Disney+)

A group of children spend their days on a magical island competing against Captain Hook and his crew of evil buccaneers in search of treasure.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: When she was not lending her voice to her recurring role on Phineas and Ferb, Madison Pettis also had a starring voice role on another popular Disney Channel animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates (inspired by the setting of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan) as a young pirate girl named Izzy (who was later recast in 2014 with Megan Richie).

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Madison Pettis as Zuri on The Lion Guard

The Lion Guard (Disney+)

Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala, accepts his destiny to be the protector of the Pride Lands and forms a team of other young animals to help him.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: After her role on Jake and the Neverland Pirates ended, Madison Pettis began voicing a young lioness named Zuri on Disney Channel’s The Lion Guard, which is a spin-off of the beloved animated Disney movie The Lion King from 1994, and a continuation of the network’s one-hour special The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, on which the character first originated.

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Tyrel Jackson Williams and Madison Pettis on Lab Rats

Lab Rats (Disney+)

A 14-year-old boy (Tyrel Jackson Williams) discovers that his inventor stepfather is hiding a trio of bionic siblings in his basement laboratory, whom he befriends and helps adapt to life in the outside world while struggling to keep their extraordinary abilities a secret.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: Disney Channel was also the home of one of Madison Pettis’ first live action TV shows, Lab Rats, on which she appeared in a total of 10 episodes as Janelle, who is first introduced as a crush of main character, Leo, and later revealed to be his future wife in an alternate timeline.

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Madison Pettis on The Fosters

The Fosters (Hulu, Amazon Prime)

A teenage girl and her younger brother are taken in by a lesbian couple (Teri Polo and Sheri Saum) and immediately begin to clash with their three new siblings, who are a mix of the couple's biological and adoptive children.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: Freeform (a cable channel that is also under the Disney umbrella and was formerly known as ABC Family) was also the home of one of Madison Pettis’ first shows that deals with more mature content, The Fosters (which has also starred fellow He’s All That cast member Tanner Buchanan), on which she appeared in a total of six episodes as Daria - the controlling best friend of Taylor Shaw (Izabla Vidovic) and unwitting beard of the closeted Connor Stevens (Gavin Macintosh).

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Madison Pettis on Five Points

Five Points (Facebook Watch)

An event in Chicago changes the lives of five disparate high school students who witness it, each in varying ways.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: Facebook Watch (the social media platform’s own streaming service) was the home of Five Points - another of Madison Pettis’ first mature shows on which she had a starring role as Natasha “Tosh” Bennett.

Stream Five Points on Facebook Watch.

The American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules cast

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules (Netflix)

As their high school senior year rolls around, four young women decide to band together and try to finally get a hold of what they have been looking for in the realm of romance before graduation.

Why it’s worth checking out if you like Madison Pettis: In what is easily her most adult acting role to date, Madison Pettis plays the adventurous Annie Watson in 2020’s American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules, which (much like Netflix’s He’s All That) is, essentially, a gender-swapped update of a classic teen comedy released in 1999, which is the franchise-starting American Pie, in this case.

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If you are still looking for Madison Pettis after binging these titles, her upcoming coming-of-age drama Deltopia is currently in post-production and she is now filming a technophobic “cabin in the woods” style horror movie called Margaux. If you have not yet, be sure to check out her role as Alden in He’s All That, which is helmed by Mean Girls director Mark Waters and also stars original She’s All That actors Matthew Lillard and Rachel Leigh Cook, and is now available to stream on Netflix.

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