Amazing Aquaman Cosplayer Nails Jason Momoa’s Tattoos And Armor

Jason Momoa in Justice League

Aquaman fans have plenty to be excited about these days, as the upcoming sequel is currently in production -- and Jason Momoa’s DC franchise is set to enter unchartered waters in its sequel. Black Manta himself, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, has raved about the sequel’s script, saying it’s “better” than the original. And director James Wan has even teased some horror elements that have inspired the upcoming film. The sequel is clearly going for it, and in the meantime, fans are finding ways to pass the time until the film’s 2022 release. And what better way fill time than by doing some cosplay? And most recently, a cosplayer managed to perfectly nail Jason Momoa’s iconic tattoos and armor.

Cosplaying Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is no easy task, as the character stands out with his intricate tattoos and unique armor. So any time a cosplayer successfully replicates both, they deserve credit, and this is certainly the case for one @billyd275th, who cosplayed for kickassdesigns. It’s one of the best Aquaman costume recreations fans will ever see, and you can check it out the original Instagram post yourself down below:

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Aquaman’s armor is recreated almost perfectly and, honestly, it looks like it’s an official costume used from the DCEU production. Clearly, a lot of work went into creating this cosplay, and the model pulls off the look effortlessly. The tattoos are also an exact recreation of Jason Momoa's and are the best part of the whole cosplay. Overall, it’s a job well done for both model and photographer, as they truly captured the spirit of the aquatic hero. Hopefully, Momoa notices their efforts and gives them a shout-out.

Being Aquaman takes a lot of work, but Jason Momoa has become adept at playing the role. All the while, he even manages to tie his DC work into his efforts to protect the environment, when he's not working out to play the role, of course, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has talked about maintaining the physique and muscles required to star in a film like Aquaman. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication and, while cosplay is impressive, it's nothing compared to what the actual stars go through.

Jason Momoa and on-screen nemesis Yahya Abdul-Mateen II seem to be having fun while working on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. They recently reunited to celebrate each other's projects: Momoa’s See on Apple TV+ and Abdul-Mateen II's Candyman, which recently made its mark on the box office.

And it looks like Jason Momoa is already lining up other projects, as he and Dave Bautista have been teasing another collaboration following their work on See, and fans can definitely see (no pun intended) the potential. Dave Bautista threw the idea of a buddy cop movie starring himself and Jason Momoa, and Momoa is down for it. It would be a long shot, but maybe we'll see Bautista in an Aquaman movie down the line. And if so, it could inspire some even more impressive cosplay ideas.

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