Aquaman 2’s Patrick Wilson Shares Ripped Shirtless Photo While Filming The Lost Kingdom

Patrick Wilson

While there probably isn’t a soul who is tired of seeing Jason Momoa shirtless for Aquaman 2 (or for literally any reason, ever), his on-screen half brother Patrick Wilson has now joined in on the shirtless fun while filming the sequel to the DC film. Wilson has shared a workout photo in the midst of filming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom that’s giving us a whole new outlook on how he defeated all those demons as Ed Warren in The Conjuring franchise.

Who knew a simple run could cause so much sexual frustration? Whether he meant to or not, that’s exactly what happened when Patrick Wilson posted a shirtless workout photo to his Instagram. The mid-run photo is basically a thirst trap for fans, as they have gone a little buck wild in the comments. You can check out the post for yourself below:

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Well, Patrick Wilson is absolutely ripped - who would have thought? It definitely makes sense that his Aquaman 2 character King Orm would have some seriously chiseled abs and leg muscles, but I don’t think fans were ready to see Wilson as such a hard body.

The comment section of Patrick Wilson’s post are full of fire emojis and all-caps exclamations. A number of fans are referencing his past horror work on The Conjuring franchise, saying there’s no wonder his character Ed Warren was more than capable at defeating some serious evils. James Wan, who works on Aquaman 2 and has posted his own content with Wilson, is in the comment section saying it may be time for Wilson’s King Orm to don some sneakers and walk the surface world.

Fans are definitely used to seeing Aquaman star Jason Momoa shirtless, but this is a very different type of content that fans are used to from Patrick Wilson. While he has posted some seriously sweaty workout photos before, he hasn’t posted a shirtless one before and fans couldn’t make out any of the incredibly solid muscles they can in his newest photo. Wilson’s mid run photo screams power worthy of a king, and is definitely getting fans hyped for his return in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Patrick Wilson recently starred in The Conjuring 3, where he donned his typical ‘70s and ‘80s sweater vest and suit. He’ll be putting on a space suit for his most upcoming film Moonfall, though, opposite Halle Berry that has finished filming and is set to release February 2022 of next year. Clearly the current filming of Aquaman 2 has Wilson changing direction once more as he returns to the sea, fully ripped and shirtless. We’ll be able to see the product of his hard work on the DC film next year, when it releases next December.

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