Jason Momoa Has Seen Dune 3 Times, Reveals What That Was Like

Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho in Dune
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))

It’s almost time, Dune fans. Denis Villenueve’s science fiction epic based on the classic novel by Frank Herbert is just six weeks away. The movie has been delayed many times in the past year, but now that it has finally screened and reviews are up, it’s not too long now until the rest of the world gets to see Paul Atreides' journey on the big screen and TV sets. But Jason Momoa is lucky enough to have seen it three times already, and his experience with the movie hypes it up even more.

Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho in Dune against a huge cast also including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Dave Bautista, Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin (among many others). The actor recently told Collider that he’s checked out the movie a few times, and he’s been viewing it from the outside looking in, as if he’s not a major part of the story. In his words:

I 100% dove into this like I wasn’t in it. I feel like that when I went to see it. That was the third time I’d seen it. And it was so good. I was blown away. The first time I saw it, I was blown away. The second time I went and took my kids which was really, really crazy -- I’d never taken them to something that adult yet. But I knew it was very important; there’s a lot of things I did for my son in the film. Like he learned Cal-i and I used that in the film.

Dune sounds like it was a special experience for Jason Momoa, especially because it gave him a chance to share his work with his two kids, who are reportedly 12 and 14 years old. The movie is rated PG-13, but it definitely involves some intense themes that he had yet to share with them. But as Momoa said, much of his performance was done for his children, so he wanted to be with them to experience the film. He continued:

It gutted me. What happens in the film, my kids are seeing that for the first time. I’m like, ‘Oh God,’ but at the same time they wanted to go see it. It’s their favorite movie. They 100% love Dune. I’m excited to see the rest of it.

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Is anyone else furiously flipping through the pages of Dune trying to understand what exactly he means by “what happens?” What happens in Dune? That’s for readers of the book to know and new fans, who will see the movie this October, to find out.

Dune is currently one of the most critically-acclaimed movies to behold in the next few months. CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg, who is a fan of Frank Herbert’s classic, gave the movie a 4.5 out of 5 in his review; a near flawless score. He called it a “perfect adaptation” of the novel, though with the warning that a second part for Dune very much needs to happen for the story to feel whole.

The movie is coming to theaters and HBO Max on October 22. Meanwhile, Jason Momoa is currently shooting Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ahead of its release date on December 16, 2022.

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