Kumail Nanjiani Talks The Long Wait For Marvel’s Eternals And How He Feels About People Finally Seeing The Film

Etenals' Kingo getting ready to attack a vicuous creature sent to terrorize Earthlings in Marvel's Eternals

After the final trailer dropped, Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting to see Eternals in theaters. Fans aren’t the only ones anticipating the Marvel film’s release as star Kumail Nanjiani is just as hyped. Nanjiani has been pushing for Eternals’ release since it was delayed last year. Now, he’s ready for Earth’s great overseers to arrive in theaters. The Eternals star gave some thoughts on the film’s delayed release and moviegoers finally getting to see it.

Even before Eternals began production, Kumail Nanjiani broke the internet with his physical transformation into Kingo. That only drove up the anticipation for Eternals after being seen as the funny guy in The Big Sick and Silicon Valley. With the release on the horizon, the actor opened up about the ensemble film finally coming to theaters. The Lovebirds star told fashion brand Saks Fifth Avenue about the Marvel film’s impending release:

It’s exciting to see Eternals finally come out. We shot the movie last year, and for a big movie like this, it was a pretty quick turnaround. We wrapped in February; the movie was gonna come out in November of 2020. Obviously, that didn’t happen. As time went on, the world got so small that you sort of think, Is this movie real? The idea of people going to theaters to see this big global movie feels very right to me. Superhero movies generally have been set in America. It seems fitting that after such a big global catastrophe that we have this big global superhero movie that hopefully leads to a less myopic version of the world. This movie certainly has a very global view of humanity.

Kumail Nanjiani’s take essentially summed up what a chaotic year the MCU has experienced with the rest of the world. Just from the final trailer alone, Eternals felt and looked like a movie meant for the big screen, not streaming from home. The diverse cast signaled a sense of harmony missing in the world right now. Being an internationally influenced film, Eternals could be a big moment for not only theaters but fans, much like the box office hit Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As Nanjiani pointed out, the superhero film will hopefully reflect a global view of humanity.

But reflecting humanity and international influences wasn’t just a passing moment for Kumail Nanjiani. The Stuber star revealed in the same interview that Kingo being a Bollywood star allowed him to live out a childhood dream. The Bollywood dance scene in Eternals was a collaboration between Nanjiani and Chloé Zhao that pays tribute to the genre, according to the actor. It was nice to know the Silicon Valley alum poured his effort into making sure his character is authentic.

Given the level of dedication, Kumail Nanjiani seemed just as invested in the film as fans are. Hopefully, Kingo will allow him to shake off the nerdy stigma from being on Silicon Valley. Of course, Nanjiani as well as Marvel fans will have to wait until Nov. 5 to see if Eternals live up to the hype.

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