Kevin Hart Reveals He And Mark Wahlberg Have Teamed Up For A Netflix Movie And I’m Gonna Need Some Shirtless Workout Scenes

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It wasn't that long ago that getting major names like Will Smith on board to make movies for a streaming service, even one as big as Netflix, was the exception, not the rule. Today it's standard operating procedure to see major names in Netflix movies. Not only that, some have found a home on the service, making multiple movies for streaming. Mark Wahlberg made one of Netflix's most popular movies to date with Spenser: Confidential, and Kevin Hart released Fatherhood late last year. Now the two are set to appear together in the mew film Me Time. No word how much screen time will taken up by shirtless shenanigans.

Mark Wahlberg is known for being a guy who both personally and in films, seems to be allergic to his shirt, and following production on Borderlands, Kevin Hart seems to have acquired the same ailment. Having said that, the announcement that production has begun on Me Time includes both actors, fully clothed.

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While both Wahlberg and Hart have their shirts on, we can see that Wahlberg is back in the normal shape that we've come to expect from him. He gained a lot of weight recently for a role that put him out of shape in a way that shocked a lot of people. He wasn't actually unhealthy, but he certainly looked that way.

While we can't tell as easily how Kevin Hart is looking in his long sleeve shirt, he only recently wrapped filming on Borderlands, so even if he hasn't been keeping up the workout that got him in great shape, he's probably still looking pretty good.

Me Time follows stay at home dad Sonny, played by Kevin Hart, who finally finds himself with some free time after his wife and children go away for a weekend. He calls up an old friend to hang out with him, and the two have a wild weekend together that has the potential to completely destroy Sonny's life. Production on the film just recently got underway and is expected to run through September and October for a debut on Netflix sometime in the future.

Kevin Hart calls the movie epic, which certainly implies the pair are going to be getting up to some crazy stuff. While details are scarce on just what sort of insanity they could be in for, we've certainly seen comedies like this before, so we can guess. It's unclear what sort of rating Me Time is going for, so if it's expecting an R-rating, then things can truly get wild. Even if it ultimately is going to be a more family friendly wild ride, Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart feel like a team that will work well together. Me Time is expected to arrive on Netflix in the spring or summer of 2022.

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