Kevin Hart Shares New Clip From Netflix Movie Fatherhood Ahead Of Father’s Day

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Kevin Hart is no longer just a stand-up comedian and comedy actor, if he ever was so simple. The 41-year-old Hollywood staple has broken into high budget films and a killer Netflix deal. He's also taken on more serious films as of late and has been the subject of many headlines for the upcoming, Borderlands film, which features an all-star cast. In the less distant future though, is his Netflix film, Fatherhood, which is based on the true story of a single father navigating new parenthood. Just ahead of Father’s Day, Hart has shared a new clip from the upcoming film.

Of course, a Kevin Hart movie would have some seriously hilarious elements to it, but it would seem that Fatherhood has a very relatable tone that pretty much all new parents will recognize. Hart shared a new clip of Fatherhood to his Instagram, which shows off both the comedic and relatable elements of the movie while reminding everyone that its Netflix release date is steadily approaching. You can check out Hart’s post and the clip below:

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While it’s easy to see the clip's humorous elements, which Kevin Hart so expertly delivers, the undertone of desperation and exhaustion that new parents all feel is very apparent as well. Fatherhood tells the story of a newly single dad taking care of his newborn daughter following the tragic death of his partner, who passed on just one day after the birth of their daughter.

While that may not be a situation many men find themselves in when becoming a father, viewers can still painfully relate to the clip. Many can really feel for a man struggling to make his daughter happy while simultaneously feeling the guilt and pain of blaming themselves for any discomfort their baby is feeling. Being a father and family man himself, it’s a feeling Hart is probably all too familiar with as well.

Even though the content of Fatherhood promises to be pretty heavy since it tells a heartbreaking story of grief, fans of Kevin Hart seem to be feeling pretty good about the upcoming film. The clip Kevin Hart shared to his social media already has millions of views and thousands of positive comments.

A ton of the positive comments are saying how excited they are for the film, and that they’re ready to have tears of laughter running down their face, or just plain ol’ tears from how touching and heartbreaking the movie is likely to be. The comments also show new fathers praising how relatable the clip is, with one dad even saying he would've never watched the film before becoming a dad but, now that he is a father, he recognizes his new perspective and can’t wait to see it.

Kevin Hart’s Fatherhood drops to Netflix June 18th to kick off Father’s Day weekend. While some will be watching as seasoned dads, there will be plenty of father’s sitting down in their living room to see the film with their little’s on their very first Father’s Day. No matter what kind of special circumstances or form your family may take, if you’re a father figure or acting as a father in anyone’s life, Fatherhood should be a great way to start off the one weekend of the year that’s dedicated to you.

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