Dune’s Denis Villeneuve Has A New Attitude About The Movie’s HBO Max Release

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As one of 2021’s most anticipated releases, Dune is poised to be the sci-fi epic audiences have been craving after a year of challenging times. But the road to its release has been messy and hard-fought to put it lightly. Part of that had to do with director Denis Villeneuve’s displeasure over Warner Bros.’ hybrid release plan. Now, Villeneuve’s mindset has shifted. As Dune’s release quickly approaches, the director has a new outlook about the sci-fi epic’s HBO Max release.

One thing many viewers can’t fault Denis Villeneuve for is being passionate about his work. After his initial displeasure, Villeneuve finally realized the method behind Warner Bros.’s madness. The Dune director revealed how he feels about the film’s hybrid release strategy now.

The good news is that it’s going to be released on Earth in theaters and in the United States it’s going to be day-and-date. The enemy right now is the pandemic. It is very difficult for theater owners and it’s very difficult for everybody, and I did feel with Legendary that it was time to go out. We had postponed the movie for a year due to safety. Now because vaccinations have advanced, it’s safe enough to put the movie in the world.

After a year of dealing with the pandemic, Denis Villeneuve seemed excited over the fact Dune is finally going to be seen. The movie industry has been facing upheaval due to COVID and safety concerns. So the hybrid release seemed to be the best strategy. The director wanted audiences to experience the sci-fi film in the theaters. As Villeneuve pointed out, the release was about moviegoers viewing the film safely. Now, Villeneuve can see the bigger picture.

Dune will hit both theaters and HBO Max on the same day. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

The Dune director’s latest words marked a change in tone from Warner Bros.’ initial hybrid release plan. Denis Villeneuve made headlines last year after venting his frustrations over Dune’s HBO Max release. His passionate letter yielded support from fellow filmmakers as well as some of the sci-fi epic’s stars. Even Twin Peak’s Kyle MacLachlan (the original Paul Atreides) aired his dissatisfaction over the reboot’s hybrid release. Despite all this discourse, Warner Bros. stuck by its decision even pushing the film back several times to accomplish its plan. But as the blockbuster is weeks away from release, he seemed more satisfied with the day-and-date release.

After the notable discourse between Warner Bros. and the director, Denis Villeneuve grew to understand the studio’s purpose. He revealed to Deadline what led to his feelings behind the now infamous letter. Villeneuve said about the clarity he gained after facing multiple delays:

Last year, when we decided to postpone, I understood why; it was about safety. I was sad because I thought I was abandoning people. There’s always a joy when a new movie is coming out. But, it’s time to hit the road.

Villeneuve brought some understanding to his passionate letter. He just wanted Dune to give audiences the full theater experience. With the sci-fi blockbuster finally coming out, Denis Villeneuve has been beating the drum for Dune 2 as well as a possible second sequel. But until those films come to fruition, moviegoers are bound for an epic treat when Dune arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on Oc. 22.

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