Some Madman Dressed As Halloween’s Michael Myers Was Arrested During A Texas Tropical Storm, And There’s Video

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

It’s happening again - spooky season is right around the corner, and some people are already in the Holiday spirit. With Jaime Lee Curtis’ return to her iconic role in the Halloween franchise almost upon us in the upcoming Halloween Kills, this season is feeling a little more special than normal. Almost as if Michael Myers himself agrees, some madman was seen donned in a costume stalking a Texas beach right before hurricane hit. He was apparently arrested, but don’t worry - there’s a video.

If no one is around to see it, does Michael Myers really have a mid-hurricane stroll on the beach? With the help of the internet and modern cameras he sure does. While there were plenty of people around, one Twitter user has made sure the world sees the beach-going slasher icon by sharing a video of a man walking around a beach in Galveston, Texas wearing a Michael Myers mask and holding a knife. You can check out the Tweet containing the video below:

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Thanks to the impending hurricane, this video evidence looks akin to that of Bigfoot and Nessie footage but there’s still no denying that a Michael Myers impersonator is, in fact, stalking that beach. The Twitter user also shared a link to the full story in the comments of his post, which claims the man under the mask was arrested after the video was taken.

Apparently the man in question is prankster Mark Metzger, a lawyer who has apparently done this kind of thing before. He claims his actions were meant to help take away from the “gloomy doom” of the present day and his past pranks were never met with any type of arrests or problems with the law.

Police were called by beach goers after seeing a man in a mask and with a knife, which was apparently covered in blood. The knife and blood was later proven to be fake by police. Mark Metzger was cited for disorderly conduct and released, after portraying the Halloween character in such a unique setting.

Commenters on the Tweet are of two kinds it would seem. On one hand, both the video and the fact that someone went to the trouble of going to the beach and pulling a Mike Myers is hilarious. On the other hand, though, it could have been pretty dangerous and ended badly for Mark Metzger. It’s clear some of those who saw him in person were concerned and either they or police could have thought he was a real threat. Luckily, he was not hurt.

While the fake Michael Myers appearance is indeed entertaining, luckily the bigger and badder slasher villain will return to the big screen in just a few weeks. Halloween Kills is set to release to theaters and streaming on Peacock Plus/Premium this October 15th, and apparently we can expect something a little different this time.

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