Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy Signs Deal With Netflix Starting With A Romantic Comedy

Noah Reid and Dan Levy having a talk in bed in Schitt's Creek.

After six seasons of his hit TV show Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy is ready for his next big adventure. With a supporting role in the Hulu hit Happiest Season and his first SNL hosting gig in the bag, that call to action would be a pretty big claim to fulfill. So naturally, Mr. Levy has gone big in a place where that very strategy is etched on the doors to the lobby: Netflix. His first big project for the platform is a romantic comedy that he’ll be very attached to.

Officially announced by Netflix itself, Dan Levy has entered a creative partnership with the studio that helped make his career. Not merely limited to movies, Levy will start working on series oriented projects in July 2022. Though when it comes to his new romantic comedy, work will begin “immediately” on a project that Dan Levy will write, produce and direct, in addition to starring in.

This new deal couldn’t be more fitting, as if it wasn’t for Netflix’s support, Schitt’s Creek may not have become the hit we all know it to be today. As the streamer nabbed the rights to the CBC-created sitcom early in its network run, the audience for the series co-created by Dan Levy, alongside his father/co-star Eugene Levy, expanded exponentially. Honoring this fitting partnership, Levy had this to say in an official statement:

Netflix offered Schitt’s Creek a second home at just the right time and opened the doors to a whole new audience for us. Watching the show thrive there has only enhanced my excitement about continuing to tell specific, meaningful stories with them in both tv and feature film. A full circle moment.

It’s probably a good thing that Dan Levy got that upcoming Schitt’s Creek book in the pipeline when he did. Netflix partnerships such as these can be quite fruitful, especially with Levy’s future spanning across both film and television. While we may not know much about this new romantic comedy, it sounds like things might get underway at some point in the next year, with a release date potentially not too far off. Though that’s hopeful speculation, as nothing official has been set, outside of Dan Levy's series commitment being pinned into a specific July 2022 time frame.

An experienced creator, Dan Levy’s next steps in his career look to be as confident as they are promising. Keeping an eye out for the next details for his untitled romantic comedy, as well as the unspecified series projects on the horizon, is going to be fun to keep in mind as we get closer to 2022. But in the meantime, you can check out the movies that are still waiting to be released throughout the rest of the year, through our 2021 release schedule.

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