Ben Affleck And JLo Had A Movie Date, Jury’s Out On Whether She Only Ate The Brown M&Ms

Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner

For as long as there have been famous people, the public has been invested in celebrity couples. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez know this all too well, as their relationship in the 2000’s led to the first example of shipping as we know it. Following their reconnection, Affleck and JLo were recently spotted having a movie date, but the jury’s out on whether she only ate the brown M&Ms.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke the internet when their reunion became public, especially as it was so shortly after her engagement with Alex Rodriguez came to an end. Since then Bennifer 2.0 has been photographed countless times, most recently going to an outdoor movie experience with their kids. So bring on the Wedding Planner jokes.

This report about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s movie night comes to us from Fox News. The pair reportedly went to see an outdoor screening of School of Rock with their respective children. Now the question is: what type of movie snacks were the dynamic duo enjoying on this night out?

For those unfamiliar, that M&M reference comes from Jennifer Lopez’s iconic 2001 romantic comedy The Wedding Planner. She stars opposite Matthew McCounaghey as Mary Fiore, the titular woman planning his wedding. In it McConaughey’s character Steve maintains that he only eats brown M&M’s, assuming they have less artificial colorings/flavors.

The M&M bit is an iconic aspect of the movie’s plot, although it was later revealed that the brown candies actually do contain food dye, perhaps even more than other colors. As Mars’ own execs went on to tell EW:

M&M’s have a candy coating. When you suck on them and re-examine, the inner coating is white, which means they create the colors artificially — even the brown ones. It could stand that yellow may have the least, while brown has the most because brown takes more mixing and darker colors to create than yellow. It’s a cutesy approach, and using general reasoning, one may think this would make sense, so I can understand how his character could make the claim.

While moviegoers' minds might be blown from this revelation, smart money says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have better things to think about. The pair of A-listers have been photographed locally and on trips together, with this latest report showing that their kids are spending time together as well. And there’s no signs of the public losing interest in Bennifer 2.0’s every move.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have reportedly been spending as much time together as possible before the pair separate in order to work on new film projects. This makes a great deal of sense, as they’ve both got flourishing careers that often take them on location. Smart money says that their goodbyes and reunions will also end up turning heads.

Ben Affleck has a number of projects coming down the line including The Flash and The Last Duel. As for Jennifer Lopez, she’s got a deal with Netflix and the upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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