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The 10 Most Iconic Denzel Washington Movies, Ranked

The best Denzel Washington movies are the ones that bring out that smoldering inner fire that Washington controls so well as an actor, and shows again and again why is one of the most iconic leading men in Hollywood and has been for more than 30 years.

How Spider-Man: Far From Home Handled Peter And Tony's Relationship Post-Endgame
How Samurai Jack's Creator Helped Shape Iron Man 2

The creator of the cult animated action series Samurai Jack is also key to Iron Man 2.

Why Spider-Man: Far From Home's Surprise Cameo Could Be An Even Bigger Deal For The MCU

That unexpected cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home could be a much bigger deal than people expect.

Why You Should Be Excited About The 2020 Ghostbusters Movie, Starring Finn Wolfhard And Paul Rudd

It’s official. Ghostbusters 2020 is on the way to the big screen next year and there is a whole lot to be excited about already.

Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie and 10 Other A-List Actors Who Are Also Directors

More and more of Hollywood’s leads have turned to the director’s chair. Check out these notable multi-talented big names.

6 Horror Movies Based On Even Scarier Books

Nothing does more to stir the imagination and stoke someone's worst nightmares than a well-written ghost story. Even good movies don't always have quite the same effect.

10 Recent Movies With An A+ CinemaScore That Are Worth Checking Out

As of today, only 84 movies are listed as having A+ CinemaScores. (And 19 got Fs, but that's a topic for another day.)

Annabelle Vs. Chucky: Who's The Better Killer Doll?

The ironic symbols of evil in the Child's Play and The Conjuring franchises have ruined toys for you for life, but which is the deadliest doll of them all: Annabelle or Chucky?

Walt Disney World's Toy Story Land Filled Google Street View With Pixar Easter Eggs

Pixar easter eggs can be found almost anywhere it seems.

What We Want To See From Marvel Studios At Comic-Con

Marvel Studios is returning to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con post-Endgame. What do we expect to see and what do we want to see? Read on to find out.

Recasting The Justice League With Actors Who Have Never Been In A Superhero Movie

We love Ben Affleck's Batman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, but what's wrong with having fun reimagining the cast Justice League with actors who are new to the superhero genre?

The Lion King Live Action Movie: Here's What We Know

The "live action" Lion King movie is shaping up to be one of Disney's most ambitious projects. Here's what we know about the remake so far.

Ghostbusters Sequel: An Updated Cast List
5 Kristen Stewart Movies That Prove She's Perfect For The Charlie's Angels Reboot

Kristen Stewart is at the forefront of director Elizabeth Banks' Charlie's Angels. Across her career, there have been movies that showcase why she's a good fit for the forthcoming reboot.

This Rotten Week: Predicting Crawl And Stuber Reviews

After a big week with a Marvel movie hitting the big screen, things tend to quiet down a bit - and this week is a perfect example following Spider-Man: Far From Home.

8 Movies That Could Still Save The Summer Of 2019

Don't write the summer off just yet!

Why You Should Be Very Excited For Steven Spielberg's West Side Story Remake

Director Steven Spielberg is bringing the beloved musical West Side Story back onto the big screen. Here are just a few reasons to get excited.

15 Years Later, What Works And What Doesn't About Spider-Man 2

How does Sam Raimi's Spidey sequel hold up in the age of Tom Holland and Spider-verses?

Netflix's Bird Box: Explaining The Ending And The Monsters

Still scratching your head over Netflix's record-breaking Sandra Bullock vehicle Bird Box? Wondering what those monsters really were? Maybe we can help.

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