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Why IT Should Have Been A Trilogy, And How That Would've Worked
This Rotten Week: Predicting Ad Astra, Rambo: Last Blood, And Downtown Abbey Reviews

This week there's a space odyssey, an iconic soldier, and a beloved television series continuation all hitting the big screen.

IT Chapter Two Box Office: Pennywise Defeats Hustlers For A Second Weekend Victory
box office
Every James Cameron Movie, Ranked

Even the King of the World can be ranked!

Thanos Vs. Darkseid: Does Marvel Or DC Have The Ultimate Supervillain?

Who is the better supervillain: Thanos or Darkseid? Let's see if we can find an answer (if such an answer can be found) in this ongoing debate.

Comparing The Star Trek Reboot Movies To The Next Generation And The Original Series
8 New Netflix Horror Movies That Are Just In Time For Halloween
How I'd Love To See Thor: Love And Thunder And Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Connect To Each Other
4 Disney Villains Who Need Their Own Movies After Maleficent and Cruella

The studio has a few other fascinating villains they should consider for standalone stories.

Terminator: Let's Untangle The Franchise’s Convoluted Timelines Ahead Of Dark Fate
Wait, Adam Sandler Could Earn An Oscar Nom This Year?
The Most Iconic Kill From Each Of The Friday The 13th Movies

Jason Voorhees is one of cinema's most iconic killers, and we've rounded up the most memorable kills from each of the Friday the 13th movies.

Pulp Fiction In Space: Why A Quentin Tarantino Directed Star Trek Is What The Franchise Needs

Quentin Tarantino might soon be writing and directing a Star Trek movie. Admittedly, it's a weird idea, but it's one that might just work.

5 Horror Films From 2019 That Deserve A Halloween Re-Release

These films should be given another good scare.

Green Arrow Vs. Hawkeye: Does DC Or Marvel Have The Superior Superhero Archer?

When it comes to Hawkeye and Green Arrow, there's no denying they're both straight shooters. But who's the better archer of the two?

Why Joker's Success Could Be A Big Deal For Future DC Movies

Todd Phillips' standalone film is positioned for critical, commercial and perhaps awards success. That could influence the kinds of risks DC takes in the future.

6 X-Men The Fox Franchise Didn't Do Justice

Here's some of the mutants that Fox did a real disservice to during its tenure.

Black Panther, The Dark Knight And Other Comic Book Movies That Have Received Oscars Attention

As we approach an award season where Joaquin Phoenix's Joker may be in the running, here's some history on comic book adaptations' accolades so far.

Will Venom, Carnage And Other Sony Owned Characters Ever Join Spider-Man In The MCU?

Could Spider-Man and Venom ever co-exist with Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel?

The 5 Best Character Arcs In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are several characters, many of whom have grown and changed throughout the interconnecting movies. In this article, we will focus on five characters in particular who've grown and changed in exceptional ways throughout the films.

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