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Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Queen Elsa... Because Of The Snow

Depending on where you live---and if you are even located in the United States---there's a good chance you dealt with snow and ice over the past week.

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Watch An Incredible Rehearsal Performance Of This Is Me From The Greatest Showman

There have been a few big moments in the new movie that have become standouts, and you can see one of them in its earliest stages, here.

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John Stamos Posts Touching Tribute To His Father After Announcing He’s Expecting A Child

As John Stamos gets ready to become a husband and dad, he reflects on how much his own father inspired him.

A Ton Of Celebrities Had To Evacuate The California Wildfires

Even celebrities have had to flee their homes to escape the wildfire of Southern California. Get the details.

Woman Gets So Lost In Watching VR She Mistakenly Starts Stroking Dog's Butt

Whether you're playing a scary game or watching a frightening video, the intensity gets kicked up a few notches when you're experiencing those chills in virtual reality. Heck, you might even smooch a dog's butt in confusion. We have video proof.

Tupac's Ex Is Trying To Sell Nude Photo Of The Rapper

The ex-girlfriend took a photo of the "California Love" rapper's southern border, and now she is ready to sell.

Watch One Price Is Right Contestant Mistakenly Run To The Stage After Losing

The price was wrong for this contestant. Unfortunately, she didn't know until she got up on stage.

Watch Katy Perry Almost Destroy A Camera With A Perfect Kick

Did Katy Perry have her "eye" on one concertgoer's camera during this show? See for yourself.

Charlie Sheen Is Denying He Abused Corey Haim

It's been a long few weeks in Hollywood, as allegations have been lobbied against various people in the entertainment industry, including Charlie Sheen.

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The Internet Is Having Just The Best Time With Patrick Stewart Picking Apples

These photos of Patrick Stewart will bring a smile to your face and get you through the day. Take a look.

Some Guy Is Using Balloons To Fly Around The Globe Like In Up

A British man is doing something that only the animators over at Pixar ever dreamed of: he wants to travel to various places across the globe using multicolored balloons to do so.

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Check Out The Adorable Hippo Photobombing A Marriage Proposal

This curious little hippopotamus made a couple's dream moment extra special. See what happened.

Cara Delevingne Has Done Another Drastic Thing To Her Hair

Cara Delevingne's hairstylist is having the best year ever, and the fun is far from finished.

Apparently Kathy Griffin Is No Longer Sorry For The Decapitated Donald Trump Image

Sorry, but Kathy Griffin isn't sorry any longer. Find out why she's changed her tune on the viral image that cost her nearly everything.

Watch The Rock Hilariously Take Credit For The Eclipse

Dwayne Johnson must have been sent from heaven when he heard about a heavenly body causing an eclipse. See the hilarious video.

Jennifer Aniston Is Tired Of All Those Articles Claiming She’s Pregnant

Jennifer Aniston is taking back her narrative and tearing down the tabloids for saying she's expecting.

15-Year-Old Girl Arrested At Movie Theater After Headbutting A Sheriff's Deputy

We don't often think about violence, except on the rare occasions, such as this weekend, when violence erupts at the movie theater.

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How A Giant Fart Ended Up In A Backstreet Boys Song

It sounds like Backstreet Boys had a gas working on this particular song. Here's what happened.

Paris Jackson Is Back To Going Topless In Latest Pic

Paris Jackson left her shirt at home for some private spiritual time alone (with her millions of followers on social media).

Paul Rudd And Benedict Cumberbatch Surprised A Marvel Fan On His Birthday

Marvel actors have been known to spread goodwill and cheer on their off days between gigs, and recently Ant-Man and the Wasp star Paul Rudd teamed up with Doctor Strange lead Benedict Cumberbatch to greet a young man for his birthday.

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