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And at the end of the night, Green Book emerged as your Best Picture winner for calendar year 2018. And all was right with the world!

Or not so much.

The Oscars went hostless for the first time in years on Sunday night, and that tended to lead to a faster, though messier, telecast. ReelBlend could NEVER go hostless, so we have Jake, Sean and Kevin back in their chairs for an immediate post-Oscars breakdown of everything that happened.

The guys had a serious wager on the line. Hamburgers. But what KIND of hamburgers? The winner would either get In & Out, Whataburger, or Shake Shack. The loser would pay. The results of the contest will blow your mind.

As they discussed the ceremony, the guys analyzed their favorite wins, the wins that had them scratching their heads, the success (or failure) of the lack of a host, and of course their intense personal reaction to this performance:

This finally puts a button on a lengthy awards season that dates all the way back to September, and Jake hits the nail on the head when he says that it really feels like a marathon has been run. Thankfully, ReelBlend shifted away from AwardsBlend, meaning that we can continue to talk all things movies all year round. Celebrate!

The #Blend game this week kept it focused on the Oscar winners as we celebrated the films of Spike Lee. Lee picked up an Oscar for screenwriting on Sunday evening for BlackKklansman, and had one of the night’s most memorable moments when he lept into Samuel L. Jackson’s arms. Bliss.

Rami Malek wins Best Actor for Bohemian Rhapsody

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