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ReelBlend has its Patron Saints. Christopher Nolan. Martin Scorsese. Steven Spielberg. But that doesn’t mean that we blindly follow the words and thoughts of these filmmakers. Sometimes, we vehemently disagree with something that one of our icons has said… which makes this week’s ReelBlend all the more interesting.

Episode #59 of the weekly podcast kicks off with a description of Nolan’s next film. And if you want to hear three brains simultaneously melt, then explode, listen to Sean, Kevin and Jake read the logline for Nolan’s new movie. It sounds incredible. The hard part will be waiting for this movie to get into theaters!

Speaking of theaters, the ReelBlend guys transitioned to the big conversation of the week, which is Steven Spielberg’s belief that no movie made for a streaming service should be eligible for an Oscar – even if it gets a theatrical release. Spielberg allegedly sided with Green Book over Roma in the recent Oscar competition, mainly because Alfonso Cuaron (yet another Patron Saint of ReelBlend) made his deeply personal movie for Netflix.

Spielberg wants to implement rule changes that would block films like Roma from competing for Oscars. The guys have a lot to say on this topic, so give it a listen.

Ready Player One

Only Kevin managed to see Captain Marvel before the guys recorded this week. Jake and Sean will have seen it by next week, which mean you all have homework. Go see it before Episode #60, because while Kevin teased his reaction to Marvel’s latest in this episode, the guys will take a full dive in next week’s show, spoilers left and right.

The #Blend Game this week was dedicated to a personal favorite of the ReelBlend hosts: Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. They played #ChivoBlend, and Sean’s pick literally stunned Jake and Kevin. It’s times like this, we wish that we still did the Facebook Live video.

Finally, the boys have a very big announcement about a future meet up that we hope people can make it to. Listen all the way to the end for details!

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