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Earlier tonight, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz took to the Oscar stage to present two awards. Unfortunately for the former, the particular winners aren’t what caught most people’s attentions. That’s because JLo’s dress, hotly debated for its plunging neckline during the red carpet shows, migrated a bit during the presentation, perhaps far enough to give viewers a peek at a little more than she’d intended.

I say perhaps because no one’s completely sure whether a portion of her areola actually came out or not. The debate has been raging on Twitter since the moment it happened, but there’s no clear consensus. Best case scenario for Lopez, it was an incredibly close call. Worst case scenario, like thirty percent of it actually got exposed.

Of course, the pop star is no stranger to nipple slips. Most of the singer’s boob fell out (NSFW) on a German TV show last year, but there’s a big difference between a random foreign language program and one of the bigger television nights of the year.

Here’s a look at a screenshot of the moment in question, which, caution, may or may not contain nudity…

I’m leaning toward yes. I wouldn’t bet a large sum of money on it, but I think that is part of her areola. What do you think? Let us know where you stand by voting in the poll below…

Did Jennifer Lopez Have A Nipple Slip?

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