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Wiz Khalifa spent the past month shouting at anyone who would listen that the pregnancy rumors concerning his fiancée Amber Rose were bogus. Turns out he was lying. The rapper and his soon-to-be wife hit up the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards a few minutes ago, and the second she stepped out of the limo, it was clear the pair were ready to finally put their future on record.

Rocking a skintight lace and mesh dress, Rose paused in front of the cameras and got her Beyonce on with a belly rub that was just about as clear of confirmation as one could give without words. According to MTV, Khalifa said last month that he’d let people know when they should get excited about a new addition to the family. More than likely, this red carpet reveal was exactly what he had in mind.

Last September, a rumor flew around the Internet that Khalifa and Rose had tied the knot. There was a picture of her in a beautiful white dress dancing with a gussied-up Wiz. We later found out the picture was simply evidence of a classy date night. Given the ring she’s now rocking and the baby she’s now carrying, however, it seems likely a real wedding story will start floating around the Internet in the near future.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Rose and Khalifa. They’ve clearly been in love for a long time, and Pop Blend wishes them nothing but the best as they tackle parenthood.