Supermodel Maggie Rizer is going through a pretty tough time. During a flight two weeks ago, the supermodel boarded a plane, intending to travel from New York to San Francisco. The flight ended up getting the model where she needed to go, but upon reaching her destination, the model learned her golden retriever, Brea, died in a crate in the cargo holding area.

The supermodel contends it is United Airlines’ fault that her pup died belowdecks. Her dog was only two years old, and should have been in good health. Rizer believes when the plane was delayed for two hours, it got too hot in the area where her two dogs were being held. One of her dogs was able to withstand the heat, but she believes Brea died of heat stroke.

The model also maintains the airline lacked sympathy in dealing with the issue, which is, quite frankly, a common complaint when dealing with an issue when such a big company is involved. United Airlines supposedly said they would provide an autopsy, but that never happened, leaving Rizer even more unhappy than she was to begin with. Rizer seems fairly put out, but according to TMZ, she is not planning to sue the company due to negligence. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened with only a one-sided explanation, but no matter what, losing a beloved family pet is difficult, and our hearts go out to the model and her family.

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