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After months of growing excitement and days of false birth rumors, Amber Rose finally had her baby earlier today. Details like height, weight and time of birth haven’t been made available, but luckily, we do have (arguably) the three most interesting details. First, the baby is healthy. Second, the baby is a boy, and third, the little guy’s name is a little more conventional than you may have imagined.

Proud papa Wiz Khalifa tweeted the handle out this afternoon. Take a look below…
”Happy Birthday Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz!!! 👏🎉🙌 Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world”

Thank God they didn’t name this kid Jonathan or he never would have heard the end of it. As far as Sebastian goes, I’m actually pretty down, and I love the idea of calling him “The Bash”. I think that’s a great nickname for a boy, and it will allow him to have fun with his friends but still class up for formal situations like college applications and job interviews.

Response has not been uniformly positive, however. Some think the name Sebastian is a little too stiff for the son of a rapper and a model. What do you think? Do you like where Amber and Wiz went with the moniker choice, or do you think they misfired here? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

How Do You Like The Name Sebastian?

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