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More than four years ago, Chris Brown was involved in a disturbing domestic violence incident with his then girlfriend Rihanna. In the time since, a very high percentage of Americans have fallen in love with hating him. From neck tattoos to graffiti on his house to a seemingly endless series of bizarre incidents, he’s given his haters plenty of ammunition too, but if his latest tweets are to be believed, the collective rage may finally be weighing on him.

Brown took to his Twitter account this morning to sound off on such musings and to think about a future in which he might step onto a different path. You can take a look at the comments in question below…

This is where being a celebrity gets extremely dicey. Clearly, no one in the general public wants to condone domestic violence. Brown deserved to feel the general public’s wrath in response to what he did, but at what point should that stop? At what point should we step back and let him work? It’s not as if we refuse normal people who have been convicted of domestic violence of the right to find employment.

Brown is currently working his way through a possible parole violation related to a hit and run accident. The initial charges for failing to provide a driver’s license and giving improper insurance have been dropped, and the woman whose car was nudged no longer wants to press charges. That being said, the District Attorney’s Office is still moving forward, which resulted in Brown having to surrender himself earlier this week, only to be released an hour later, as per MTV.

Given his incredible talent, I highly doubt he will decide to become a welder or a school teacher or a crossing guard after his next album is released, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see him perhaps take a break for a year to try and find himself and become a more mature person the general public might approve of a little bit more.

We’ll keep you updated on the Brown situation in the coming months.

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