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Chris Brown isn’t famous for being the world’s easiest person to get along with. In fact, his troubled past famously includes a domestic abuse charge from pop singer Rihanna and a feud with Frank Ocean over a parking space. Oh yeah, and club brawl with Drake. However, now the rapper has managed to piss off many of the residents of his own neighborhood by painting an obnoxious mural on the wall of a building.

Brown’s formerly lovely home is located in Hollywood Hills in a nice area. Recently, large murals running from the ground all the way up the second story of Brown’s building were put into place and the images are disturbing plenty of the neighbors—especially those with children. The murals are large and bright, but they depict creepy, large-eyed creatures that are strange monsters on the walls. Not only is the wall graffiti loud, it also goes against a city ordinance. According to the LA Times, after several complaints, the city took action, fining Brown a sum of $376.32. That may seem like chump change for the successful rapper, but it is only a first step to forcing the murals to be painted over or taken down.

If Brown doesn’t pay the citation for “unpermitted and excessive signage,” the rapper could face fines up to three times as much as the one listed above. Councilman Tom LaBonge defends the city’s decision to cite Brown for the artwork, because while murals are allowed throughout Los Angeles proper, that normally doesn’t include residential zones.
“But that is not for a home of this nature. I am a strong voice for the community and in this case, the community has spoken….I certainly hope Mr. Brown complies and takes them down."

Hopefully, Brown will just take down the artwork and end this random brouhaha. However, with the 24-year-old’s track record and his trouble with authority figures, I’m not holding my breath.

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