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There are a lot of serious pros to bringing a child into the world, from passing on the family name to transferring all of the knowledge you’ve learned to having someone to love forever. There are also a lot of minor pros to bringing a child into the world, from dressing him or her up in adorable outfits to forcing every single person you know to look at photographs of the little rascal. The above picture is a good example of those minor reasons.

Swaddled in a white blanket and wearing what looks like a black baby turtleneck, the above photograph of little North West looks like it was shot on top of a fur rug, and it makes the little girl look like the most fashion forward baby diva in all of Southern California, which is a region particularly known for its baby divas. It was released on Kim’s Instagram Account this morning and marks only the second time the couple has given the public a look at Nori.

You can take a look at the first picture released below…


At less than four months old, North hasn’t really had time to develop a personality yet. As such, there’s no way to know whether she’s going to follow in her father’s, mother’s or neither’s footsteps, but regardless of what direction she eventually heads in, it seems pretty likely it will be well covered by the press. Hopefully, despite all the tabloid attention, she will be able to find enough peace and quiet to be a real child, at least during her early years. If she wants to organize a reality show at sixteen, whatever.

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