A New Condom Is About To Change The Sex Game

Sexual health is one of the most polarizing issues in modern popular culture. With varying degrees of safety, sexual education, and preventative measures, it can be hard (no pun intended) to have a conversation about sexual health in which all parties can agree. But one method is most commonly used for prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unintentional pregnancies: condoms. And while we've had great steps forward in many areas in regards to sexual health, condoms haven't really changed since their conception. Until now.

Lelo, a designer company for intimate products has begun to startup the HEX condom which is attempting to change the world of condoms and safe sex practices forever. While condoms are a heavily used form of contraception and STI prevention, they're not perfect. Breakage can occur, and the condom can sometimes slip off, compromising the situation for all parties involved. HEX is hoping to change this with their revolutionary condom design. According to the HEX website, the design is as follows:

HEX is structurally different because it applies a unique hexagonal web throughout the latex, which means it looks and performs differently to any condom in the world today.

Essentially, the hexagonal web assists in keeping the condom from being completely compromised if a small tear occurs. While remaining relatively thin, the HEX condoms become more durable and strong than the run of the mill Trojan. Check out the condom in action:

Pretty impressive, right? While any tear in the condom is certainly cause for alarm and taking the appropriate measures afterward such as being tested for possible STI's, the HEX technology allows a small tear to stay that way; it won't cause the entire condom to become compromised. Additionally, the design also helps reduce risk of slippage, keeping the sexual experience safe.

HEX is still a startup at this point. You can go to their website in order to become a backer, in hopes of releasing this new and exciting technology to the masses. At the point of writing this story, there have currently been 4,455 backers out of the goal 10,000. Becoming a backer is incentivized, with varying levels of gifts being available depending on your donation, including pre-ordering the condoms themselves.

HEX has also signed on a pretty high-profile actor to be their celebrity face of the organization: Charlie Sheen. Check out Sheen's video explaining his involvement below.

While Charlie Sheen has been the center of controversy since his disclosure of being HIV positive, his involvement with HEX seems to show a more socially aware and activist version of the actor. Sheen is taking his status and making it something empowering, encouraging others to be vigilant in their sexual health practices. Sure, it may be annoying to pump the breaks in the midst of sex, but safety is important for every sexually active person. While unintended pregnancy is a consequence that people often relate to sex, the prevention of the spreading of STI's should be just as important.

Of course Charlie Sheen isn't the only celebrity that has come forward with frank advice. In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow dropped a bomb a few weeks ago when she told everyone the one sex toy they all need to buy.

One of the most polarizing and controversial celebrities in Hollywood today is Gwyneth Paltrow. Despite being an Academy Award winning actress with an impressive resume, her interviews and non-acting projects have caused her to become one of the less popular A-list actresses. Now Gwyneth seems to have done it again, this time on her website goop.com.

A story was recently published on Gwyneth Paltrow's website goop, which is about "not-so-basic sex toys". While this seems like a normal and relatable article for a celebrity of her nature to have a hand in, things quickly take a turn for the crazy. In this story, they list a Lelo Inez 24 karat dildo made of gold, which costs an insane $15,000. You read that right, Gwyn recommends using a solid gold dildo.

You can see pictures and check out the full article here.

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