Last week was a major Britney Spears Renaissance. In the matter of a few days, the Princess of Pop released her album in full, appeared in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, and performed live at the MTV's Video Music Awards. As such, Britney has been given the comeback narrative, although honestly she never really went anywhere. But this new Britney movement does feature a major improvement for the singer- her new album Glory may be her best yet. There's quite a few reasons why Glory was so damn glorious, and why it appeals to such a massive audience. Let's break down what Britney is doing so right.

Britney is giving real vocal performances

While Britney Spears is a pop legend who has never really been dethroned, not every song in her long catalogue has been a winner. Her last studio album Britney Jean was one of her least successful, despite her team's insistence that it was going to be her most personal album yet. And while hardcore fans still ate Britney Jean up (and everyone loved "Work Bitch"), it was shorter in length and there were some serious duds. For a few years now, Britney's music has become much more chanting and talky, resulting in the singer not doing as much actual singing. But Glory is different. Each and every song contains complicated melodies, and you can actually sing along rather than just yell "It's Britney, bitch" at your car radio. Glory opens with "Invitation" and goes straight into her first single, "Make Me", both of which contain vocal performances that we haven't heard in years.

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