Kylie Jenner Explains Why She Lied About Getting Her Lips Done

Kylie Jenner
(Image credit: "Glosses" ad campaign)

Kylie Jenner's lips are no longer sealed on the topic of... well, her lips. The reality star opened up about the insecurities that led to her getting lip injections, and the reason she lied about the injections at first.

(Image credit: "Glosses" ad campaign)

Back in 2014, Kylie Jenner's lips began receiving a ton of attention from the media and fans, who accused her of having gotten her lips artificially plumped. Given that Jenner had grown up in the public eye on her family's reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it was obvious to viewers that Jenner's lips had gotten significantly larger that year, but Jenner denied that she had gotten lip augmentation, instead claiming that she simply over-lined her lips with lip liner. A year later, Jenner finally admitted that she had gotten lip injections at the age of 16.

In this month's Complex cover story, Kylie Jenner says that she regrets not telling the truth about the injections right away, and says that the reason she didn't was because she was frightened of being viewed as a bad influence for her fans.

I wasn't even 17 yet. What if I came out and said, 'Oh, yeah, I got my lips done'? What are all those moms going to think about me? These kids, my fans, they're going to think I'm crazy. I didn't want to be a bad influence. I didn't want people to think you had to get your lips done to feel good about yourself. But they thought it was crazier that I was lying about it because it was so obvious. I wish I had just been honest and upfront.

Kylie Jenner also talks about the insecurity that drove her to get her lips plumped at a young age. The lip gloss mogul says that it all goes back to middle school, when a boy that she kissed told her that he was surprised that she was good at kissing with such small lips. That comment stuck with Jenner, and she says it made her feel as though nobody would want to kiss her until she got larger lips.

Even after Kylie Jenner admitted to the augmentation, her lips were still at the center of the public's attention. Online, the "Kylie Jenner Challenge" began trending, in which people would cause their lips to swell to abnormally large size by sucking them into small glasses. Looking back on the time now, Jenner admits that she went overboard with the injections, but she has not stopped getting them done. In fact, she's turned the public's obsession with her lips into a booming business by launching her own cosmetics line that specializes in selling the Kylie Lip Kit.

One thing is for sure: No matter what she does, Kylie Jenner is pretty much always going to be a name on everybody's lips.