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Kim Kardashian

It sounds like Kim Kardashian is not going to be getting back what was taken from her in her Paris robbery back in October. One of the thieves is reportedly confessing that he and his cohorts have totally transformed the reality star's stolen jewelry, and shaved over a million dollars off of what it was worth.

One of the burglars involved in Kim Kardashian's robbery has confessed to the police that the jewelry they stole has been melted down, TMZ reported. Not only will the melting down process make it nearly impossible for Kardashian to get back the millions that were stolen from her, but it has also apparently drastically decreased the value of the stolen jewelry. Reportedly, the only piece of bling that the thieves haven't melted down is the crown jewel of the haul: the $4 million ring that many believe was the robbers' main target during the heist. The rest of the jewelry, which was valued at $1.6 million when stolen, has been melted down and is now worth much less --- an estimated $26,000 to $30,000 to be precise. That's over a million bucks just melted away.

The thief said that he and his cohorts melted the stolen goods to avoid getting caught selling the unmelted jewelry. As for the $4 million diamond ring, it looks like Kim Kardashian is going to have to say goodbye to that too. The police believe the stolen jewels were sold off into a black market diamond trade in Belgium shortly after they were nabbed nearly four months ago, and since huge, expensive diamonds don't usually just sit around in a black market for months, it's next to impossible to find out where they are now, TMZ reported.


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So Kim Kardashian most likely won't be getting her bling back, but at least it looks like she's going to be getting some justice. Earlier this month, the Paris police department arrested 17 people on suspicion of involvement with Kardashian's massive armed robbery, and later charged ten of the suspects with multiple counts.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is finally back to enjoying her life of fame and fortune after taking a three-month break from the spotlight following the robbery. She recently got back from a trip to Dubai, where she both helped lead a makeup workshop and visited a children's hospital, and then set off on another flight to soak up some sun with her family in Costa Rica this weekend, Us Weekly reported.

It looks like Kim Kardashian won't be crying over melted jewelry, especially when she's got enough bling to spare.