Taylor Swift Performs An Acoustic Version Of I Don't Wanna Live Forever, And It's Lovely

Taylor Swift
(Image credit: YouTube)

Taylor Swift is officially back, and preparing for her first live performance of her brand new single. She gave fans a taste of what her steamy Fifty Shades Darker track "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" sounds like when stripped down to just her voice and an acoustic guitar... and spoiler alert: it still sounds amazing. Check out the stripped down rehearsal performance below.

Though the new track oozes with sensuality and sultriness in the studio version that also features Zayn Malik, Taylor Swift's acoustic solo performance trades in the usual passionate indulgence for a more pained frailty that also fits the song's themes of longing and distress very well. Swift uploaded the short video of herself rehearsing "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" to her YouTube account on Thursday.

She's sounding pretty good! The rehearsal is for Taylor Swift's gig performing at a Super Bowl pre-show party on Saturday night. Swift is teamed up with AT&T to perform at the DirecTV Now Super Saturday Night show in Houston, Texas the night before the 51st annual Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Of course, the major musical performance of the weekend will be Lady Gaga, who is headlining the game's halftime show this year --- unfortunately Taylor Swift's concert will not be televised or even streamed for her non-Houston fans to check out.

If Taylor Swift's performance follows the vibe of this acoustic rehearsal, then concertgoers are in for a much more delicately beautiful version of the normally synth-y and sexy track. In fact, the rehearsal video is a bit of a throwback to Taylor Swift's early days in the music business, when she first became famous for her country songs featuring mainly just her voice and guitar. In recent years, Swift has transformed herself from a budding young country ingenue into a power pop force, trading in her acoustic guitar for synths and top 40 production, and straightening her once-signature curls into a short, sleek 'do.

(Image credit: YouTube)

Of course, it was this stylistic change that has allowed Taylor Swift to not only stay relevant, but become one of the most notable superstars in the world. Of course, there is still a faction of her fandom that prefers Swift's early era of acoustic innocence. This brief return to the past will definitely be a treat for those fans.

In the meantime, the rest of us are still waiting for you to drop a new album, Tay!