Corey Feldman Is Hospitalized After Claiming He Was Stabbed

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Corey Feldman is not having a great week. The former child actor is in the hospital this morning after he claims he was stabbed multiple times last night by a "wolfpack" out to get him and potentially silence him. Feldman notes that the LAPD are investigating the incident as an attempted homicide, though that claim is being disputed by the LAPD themselves.

Corey Feldman's hospital news comes from the actor/musician himself, when he tweeted the following distressed message and accompanying photos. Thankfully, Feldman stresses that he's doing okay, despite the scary situation that happened to him on Tuesday night. It's also worth noting that Corey Feldman didn't post any pictures of his injuries on social media. The photos only show him in bed. You can take a look at Feldman's message below.

Scary stuff. Thankfully, Corey Feldman reports he's getting better, though the actor believes the attack was a pointed one. Earlier today on Twitter, Feldman claimed his stabbing was the result of his "vile" Internet attackers, and he believes that this "wolfpack" was who put him in the hospital.

But that might not be completely true. The LAPD reportedly told Page Six they're not actively looking into this incident as an attempted homicide, as Corey Feldman claimed on social media to his followers. So, either something was lost in translation or Corey Feldman was fed the wrong information. The LAPD also claims Feldman didn't have "any visible lacerations" and that there are no suspects or subject descriptions available at this moment. It's worth noting that prior to the stabbing that occurred last night, Feldman was seeking extra security as he feared for his safety and well-being. Last year, he has taken extra efforts to expose child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry, and the former child actor believes these things are connected. He was seeking $10 million in donations in order to expose and bring down alleged alleged pedophiles around or previously in the Hollywood scene.

According to the recounts of the incident, Corey Feldman was in a car at a spotlight at approximately 10:45 PM when an unidentified individual (or individuals) opened Feldman's door and "jabbed at Feldman with an unknown object." Thankfully, Feldman's medicial condition is considered stable.

Corey Feldman is best known for his '80s roles in The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys. Since his more prominent child acting years, Feldman has begun a second career as a musician, emulating his idol Michael Jackson. He was on tour last summer with his band, Corey and the Angels. Since then, Corey Feldman has been channeling his efforts into his GoFundMe page, working tirelessly to reveal his story and to bring down accused child abusers. We wish him a speedy recovery during this time of need.

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