Corey Feldman Wants $10 Million To Make A Movie About Hollywood Pedophiles

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The last few weeks have rocked Hollywood to its core, as an avalanche of new sexual assault, misconduct, and pedophilia allegations towards some of the industry's biggest names have come out. Previously, some insiders have spoken out about this sort of behavior in the past, including Stand By Me actor Corey Feldman. Now Feldman has once again returned to the forefront of this issue with a new plan. On that note, it looks like he wants to raise $10 million to make a film about Hollywood's allegedly long history of pedophilia.

Corey Feldman's claims of molestation and pedophilia in Hollywood are not necessarily anything new, but on the heels of the recent alleged sexual misconduct regarding people like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, he has decided to take a new approach in his battle against this perceived problem. Specifically, Feldman officially came forward during an appearance on Today and told Matt Lauer that he wants to raise a $10 million budget to fund a movie (tentatively titled Corey's Truth) about Hollywood pedophilia. To achieve this goal, he plans to use crowdfunding techniques and completely circumvent the traditional Hollywood system.

Of course, while it's a meager budget relative to a large-scale blockbuster like Justice League or Thor: Ragnarok, $10 million is nothing to scoff at when making a movie. In the face of the questions that such a small fortune raises, Corey Feldman addressed the size of the sum to clear up any misconceptions. He said:

It's not a documentary. Let me stop you there. It is a film. I want to make a feature film, which is why we need the budget that we need. There's actors, there's special effects... It will be a very true story. We will have every name that, everybody that affected my life, I'm going to give the perspective that I can give, what I viewed, what I experienced from a first-hand account... This is why I need America's support. I need the world's support, because I must make a film with no executives, no VPs, no lawyers.

Corey Feldman made sure to note that he intends to use the names of the alleged perpetrators in this film, and as such, the legal protection that would be required afterward will make up a portion of this film's budget. He has apparently promised to release these names on several different occasions, but Friday the 13th star feels a self-funded and distributed film seems to be his best chance to get them out into the open without oversight.

Elsewhere in his interview on Today, Corey Feldman went into further detail about the nature of the Hollywood sexual abuse scandals and explained how deep he thinks they go. You can take a look at a clip from his appearance below to see what he specifically had to say.

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Corey Feldman's quest to get this movie made has not gone without some degree of speculation and confusion. Some have questioned why he's going through the time-intensive process of creating a film when he could just go straight to the police with these names. However, Feldman remains adamant that this is the proper method to get the truth out to a broad audience. Now we just have to wait and see if he will achieve his goal.

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