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John Travolta and 50 Cent make for an unlikely team, yet they were both on stage together at Cannes last night dancing their booties off. That's right, the Pulp Fiction actor joined the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper on stage at the French film festival during an after party for Travolta's newest movie, Gotti, which premiered at the fest. While the musician doesn't star in the film or appear on its soundtrack, he joined the actor anyway, and it was an odd, extraordinary moment in pop culture. Plus, there's video to prove it, courtesy of 50 Cent himself. Check out the unexpected team-up below.

You gotta hand it to the Gotti star: John Travolta can still bust a move. The Saturday Night Fever superstar isn't the dancer he used to be, but the 64-year-old knows how to keep himself moving. Indeed, even 50 Cent seems surprised about the whole encounter, but at least the actor and the musician appear to be having fun, which is more than some audience members can say after they walked out of Gotti. The gangster biopic isn't getting good early reception as of late, with critics claiming the writing is bad, the direction is lackluster, and the performances aren't much to talk about. Whether or not people remember Gotti after its release (its official U.S. release was pushed back shortly before its late 2017 release date), people are probably going to remember this strange little moment for a long time to come.

It also raises a very important question: are 50 Cent and John Travolta friends? If they are, indeed, buddies, then how did they meet? Do they hang out a lot? What's an average get together between them like? Is it always this rambunctious? We might never know. But it gets your mind spinning if it's true. I'd love to know what it's like when these two go bowling or see a movie together or go to a concert.

In any case, if you want to see more footage of John Travolta dancing with 50 Cent, here's a video recorded from the audience perspective, so you can have an idea of what it's like from their point-of-view.

If you want to weather the bad reviews and see John Travolta's newest film, Gotti, it hits theaters on June 15th. Travolta is also soon set to be seen in the action film Trading Paint, the crime drama Speed Kills and Fred Durst's first foray into directing, Moose, all of which are expected to hit theaters later this year. Also, Travolta is currently filming a role in the upcoming thriller The Poison Rose, which will likely come out sometime next year. Additionally, 50 Cent was last seen in Den of Thieves earlier this year. He'll next be seen in Escape Plan 2: Hades, which enters theaters on June 21st.