Eminem And Nicki Minaj Aren't Dating, But Here's Why The Rumor Mill Thinks They Are

The rumor mill is spinning again. This time, it wants to know: are Nicki Minaj and Eminem together? The relationship query was sparked by the musicians themselves. Earlier last week, around the time Nicki Minaj announced her delayed Princess Diana-inspired new album Queen was arriving in August, the Barbie-adoring rapper was featured on YG's newest single, "Big Bank." In the track, she spit out a few rhymes centered around Slim Shady himself. In the brand new song, Minaj claimed "once he goes black, he'll be back again," referring to Eminem. Then, over the weekend, Em asked an adoring audience in Boston if he should ask Minaj out. The crowd was, of course, very receptive, and it didn't take long before Minaj responded affectionately. But it should be known that they're not yet dating. You can watch Eminem egg on the crowd below.

Affectionate to Eminem's flirtations, Nicki Minaj responded on Twitter with her own lighthearted teasing. She also saw this moment as a great business possibility too, relishing the opportunity.

While the social media response makes it apparent that Nicki Minaj is thinking with her head, not her heart, at the moment, the rapper isn't making her affections towards Eminem's romanticism any sort of secret. And she likes playing along. On Instagram, when a fan asked if the celebrity coupling was official, she responded with a simple, "Yes."

While that answer seemingly confirm their recent relationship status, those close to Nicki Minaj claim that's the artist keeping in tune with her naughty sense of humor. She's merely indulging in Eminem's playful silliness, and it's apparent that they're very friendly right now. While Eminem isn't confirmed to appear on Queen just yet, it doesn't seem to be out-of-the-question either. The invitation has been made, and if Eminem has the availability in his schedule, it could happen.

Eminem "Rap God" Music Video Nicki Minaj The Other Woman

Whether or not Eminem and Nicki Minaj become an item (start proposing your date nicknames, but I like the nice, simple M&M), and whether or not Eminem accepts Nicki's studio proposal, are questions that'll need to be answered on a later date. For now, though, Nicki Minaj and Eminem are certainly tickled by the notion, even if they're not actively acting on it. At least, not yet.

Queen hits stores on August 10th. We'll let you know if Eminem makes any appearances.

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