Watch Beyonce Climb Down A Ladder After Getting Stuck At Concert

Beyoncé Knowles can put on a flawless concert. There's no doubt about that. The seemingly-invincible Queen B is known to dazzle and delight audiences like few other performers working today -- or ever, for that matter. She is called Queen B, after all, for good reasons. But sometimes even Beyoncé herself is met with stage problems. It can happen to the best of us. And because she's Beyoncé, she knows how to handle them gracefully. Case in point, during one of her recent concerts with her hubby, Jay-Z, Beyoncé faced a major problem, live in the moment: her floating stage had a malfunction. It was the end of the show, and she was left stuck in an unfortunate place. The stage crew put out a ladder to help Knowles down from the dangling platform, and the musician superstar handled it far better than practically anyone else in that same position, it's safe to say. Of course, there's a video of the whole thing too, which you can check out for yourself, below.

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All hail the Queen! For background info, this concert mishap from Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z's On the Run II tour happened in Warsaw, Poland, while Beyoncé and Jay-Z were beginning to wrap up their latest concert with a joint performance of "Young Forever" and "Perfect." Ironically enough, things weren't exactly perfect for the musical husband-and-wife duo, as the production mishap found Beyoncé stuck on the flying stage, which was 20 or so feet above the ground. It's the platform that is meant to allow the audience to watch Beyoncé fly away, saying goodbye to the uber-popular musician as she calls it a night, according to The Huffington Post.

Thankfully, stagehands were, err, on hand to help Beyoncé Knowles in her (rare) time of need, and the solution was perhaps a less-than-elegant one: a metal ladder. Because hey, when you're in a pinch, anything will do. Right? Thankfully, B came down safely and no one was hurt by the incident. And based on Beyoncé's humble response to the situation, which was recorded by several hundred people inside the audience, it was elegant and sincere. Beyoncé keeps it cool in any situation. In any case, it was the rare moment when fans witnessed firsthand something less-than-perfect from Bey.

No matter. Beyoncé Knowles will likely move on from this hiccup like it's nothing, and she's not letting it stop her or Jay-Z as they continue touring the world together -- once again. The Carter family recently surprised fans by unexpectedly dropping a duo album, Everything is Love, shortly after they started their tour extravaganza. Their most recent tour began three weeks ago in Cardiff, Wales, which was -- of course -- truly a sight to behold. But Beyoncé might need to watch out, because her own daughter, Blue Ivy, is one-upping her famous mommy and stealing the show in some places. Bey might have some fierce competition in the midst. If that's the case, we'll definitely keep you posted on all the latest Beyoncé Knowles developments.

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