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Taylor Swift Is Being Sued Over Her New Mobile Game

Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video

Taylor Swift might soon be heading to court, thanks to her new mobile app, The Swift Life. While the interactive social media program provides Swift's legions of fans with the opportunity to interact with one another while getting updates from their favorite pop singer, one computer company claims Swift actually stole it from them. That's right, the company SwiftLife is taking Taylor Swift to court because they believe the celebrity stole the Swift lifestyle company title from them. Sounds a bit confusing? Of course, there's more to the story, so here's what we know about the app drama that may find Swift in court.

As it was reported by TMZ, SwiftLife's case claims it has held ownership of the company since 2007. Patrick Benot, the one-man owner of the unrelated SwiftLife, trademarked the company's name is 2008. Then, without forewarning or consultation, Taylor Swift and her team took the name and brand and made their own product, and Benot was, ahem, swift to take them to court. While one could say Taylor Swift and her team were unaware of Benot and his company, he believes that's no excuse. He claims they've trademarked over 64 items in her name, meaning they know all about the trademark process and avoiding situations like this. The celeb's app was launched in December 2017, and it has been a very difficult 2018 for SwiftLife.

Since the gaming app was launched, Patrick Benot claims he has been met with a great deal of confusion and headaches from a variety of fans who are confused because of the name similarities. He's getting flooded with emails from confused and dismayed people trying to figure out which company belongs to which person, and Benot wants to put a stop to it as soon as possible. As you might have guessed, SwiftLife isn't related to Taylor Swift at all, despite what the name suggests. Instead, it's a computer consulting service in New York -- specifically Long Island, where Benot lives and works as his own boss. As the sole proprietor of his company, Benot is focusing his time and energy on making sure Taylor Swift stops using his name. He is suing for trademark infringement and he is ultimately seeking unspecified damages.

Furthermore, thanks to the pop star's company's extensive popularity, Patrick Benot has found his Google searches have decreased rapidly. Before the app was launched, his company was the first thing that came up on the search engine when the terms were together. Now, it's much, much lower, and it has ultimately hurt awareness of his business, to say the least. By pushing himself in front of the news to take Taylor Swift to court, Benot is obviously getting more attention to his company, but that's not enough, and he wants Swift to stop infringing on his trademarked name once and for all. We'll have to wait and see if he gets his wish.

Meanwhile, when it comes to additional updates on Taylor Swift and her hectic life, we'll keep you posted right here at CinemaBlend.

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