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Kim Kardashian Was Naked When Donald Trump Called About Their Oval Office Meeting

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Don't you hate it when you're lounging around in the nude and you get a call from the President of the United States? Oh, that hasn't happened to you? This hasn't become commonplace (not yet, at least...), but did occur with one person, apparently: Kim Kardashian West. At least, that's what the Keeping Up with the Kardashians superstar claims happened when she got a call from Donald Trump earlier this year confirming their Oval Office meeting. She was trying to schedule a meeting with Trump for a personal cause, and it turns out the Commander-In-Chief didn't necessarily pick an opportune time to call the reality TV fixture. But Kardashian was eager to meet with The President. So, if you're Kim Kardashian West, you pick up the call... sans clothes. Here's how Kim Kardashian explained the awkward moment when she got a call from the President while she was in the buff.

He called me. I was at a Steven Klein photoshoot. And if anyone knows who he is, it's pretty much a nude shoot. So, I'm naked, and my phone rings and I'm all glammed up.

Talk about awkward timing. The naked admission came when Kim Kardashian West came on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the infamous meeting she had with Donald Trump earlier this year. She was trying to speak to President Donald Trump in hopes of a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, a woman in Alabama formerly serving a life sentence for money laundering and drug conspiracy charges since 1997. Because of Kim Kardashian West, Johnson is now a free woman, and it's a pretty remarkable story. While the star detailed her meeting with Trump and why she decided to meet with him in the first place, it was ultimately the recounting of very important call that Kim Kardashian West answered nude that sparked attention to the talk show chat.

As she admits in the conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Kim Kardashian West was awaiting the call for some time. When it finally came at this inappropriate moment, the model/TV personality was understandably shaken -- and not just because she wasn't wearing any clothing when her phone buzzed. Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian admits she wasn't completely nude for the length of the conversation. She did put on a robe when the TV star spoke one-on-one with the President of the United States.

I put a robe on. I was in a robe. And I was kind of bugging out during the shoot.

Even though she received one of the biggest calls of her life at that moment, Kim Kardashian West still proceeded to do the nude shoot. Because she's a professional, after all. But when it was done, Kim didn't rush to get dressed. Instead, she made a point to call Alice Marie Johnson. Also Nude. It was simply too exciting a moment to bother with clothes. But it should be noted that President Donald Trump didn't know that Kim Kardashian West was only wearing her birthday suit when he decided to call it. No matter, though. Now, Kim Kardashian West has a great story to tell.

You can check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian West also earned controversy by ending the interview with saying that she has "nothing bad to say" about Donald Trump, although she admits that she doesn't agree with all his policies. You can expect more updates from the Kardashian clan right here at CinemaBlend.

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