Demi Lovato's Backup Dancers Say She Didn't Give Her Drugs

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Almost one month ago, Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital for a near-fatal overdose. The news came as a sad shock to many of her fans, friends, and followers, and we still only know fleeting details about what occurred. Thankfully, Demi Lovato is reportedly in rehab at the moment focused on her recovery, and she has the support of many loving people around her. One of those people is Dani Vitale, a friend and backup dancer for the musician. Following rumors online that she might've had something to do with the star's relapse, the dancer wrote a lengthy, heartfelt note denying such accusations. Here's part of the statement she wrote. It should be noted that the social media address is several pages and detailed in his length.

I have NEVER touched nor even SEEN a drug in my entire life. I DO NOT DO DRUGS, nor would I ever encourage, or supply them to anyone I love. I DON'T do what I do for attention. I do what I do because I loved it, and the world was taking that away from me. People that I thought loved me were no where to be found or heard from, companies stopped replying emails and I was alone. Please keep in mind this isn't me being dramatic, nor am I an over emotional person, but this situation has been unlike anything I have ever lived through and this is the truth... This UNTRUE narrative is damaging innocent people's lives, mine included ... It is NOT okay to bully someone over false heresay.

In the full Instagram statement, which the backup dancer published over the weekend, Dani Vitale claimed that the accusations made against her are not only inaccurate but hurtful. She believes that it's not right for people to make these claims, and she wanted to clear the air about them in this post.

The circulation of an UNTRUE story on the internet yanked my life, my reputation, my name and everything I worked so hard to stand for, out from underneath me. A damaging narrative that demonized me, placed blame on me, and has since cost me so many wonderful moments in life... While being an emotional disaster over my friend, my sister, my boss, my colleague and a human who I have been with every day the past year was in the hospital, I was trying to remain hopeful for people to stay focused on what really mattered. However, having a "STORY" seemed to be way more important to everyone than someone's REAL well-being.

While there is no doubt that having damaging allegations made against your character is devastating, having to deal with those allegations in the midst of your friend's recovery is even more difficult. That's why Dani Vitale wanted to make a point to speak from the heart and clear the air on the matter. The allegations were made after it became public knowledge that Demi Lovato was partying at the backup dancer's 28th birthday party the night before she overdosed. While she wasn't with Demi Lovato when the overdose occurred, Vitale claims to be by her side at this time as Demi recovers.

Yesterday was Demi Lovato's 26th birthday. On that date, Madison De La Garza released a statement on Instagram, accompanied by a throwback photo.

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It was previously speculated that an unspecified drug dealer was reportedly freebasing Oxycodone that was laced with fentanyl with Demi Lovato when the pop singer started to overdose in her Hollywood Hills home. This news hasn't been confirmed by anyone in Demi Lovato's camp at this time. We'll continue to keep you posted with updates from Demi Lovato, particularly related to her health and ongoing recovery, right here at CinemaBlend.

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