Drake Is Apparently Dating A Teenage Model

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Drake is in a new relationship, and it's a controversial one -- to say the least. As it is being reported today, the 31-year-old rap artist is currently dating Bella B. Harris, an 18-year-old model. This relationship update comes shortly after the musician was reportedly rejected by Heidi Klum. While the newly minted couple isn't an illegal one, as Harris is technically considered an adult in the eyes of the law, it is concerning one for some fans (and otherwise) following this relationship report. Here's what we know about this revealed relationship.

As it was reported by Page Six, Drake and Bella B. Harris were seen together at an Italian restaurant in Washington D.C., although they were trying to be discreet about their dinner date. The musician entered the establishment through the front entrance, while the model entered through the back entrance. It's apparent that the musician and the model weren't trying to attract a lot of attention to themselves that casual evening. That said, the new couple has reportedly not been especially very shy about the relationship. Or, at least, it was hiding under our noses this entire time.

Here's a photo of the couple, courtesy of Bella B. Harris' Instagram account. This photo was reportedly the first confirmation of their relationship, and since the post was made back in August, that suggests that Drake and Harris have been romantically intertwined for the past month or so at this time.

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Age differences in relationships can be a difficult subject, especially when one person is dating someone who is just on the cusp of adulthood in the eyes of the law. In this case, there are some fans who find themselves uncomfortable about this 13-year age gap between the musician and the model. Especially when you consider the fact that Drake is reported to be a father himself, based on information that was disclosed earlier this year claiming that the musician had a child in secret. When you consider Drake's highly public profile, his fatherhood responsibilities and the pretty wide age gap between these two reported lovers, it paints an awkward picture for a number of different people, and some people think it's a taboo coupling.

That might explain why Drake and Bella B. Harris are keeping their relationship on the down low, particularly since Drake is considered to be one of the most famous working musicians in the world right now. But Drake isn't the only celebrity who has gained controversy for the age gap in their current relationships. Scott Disick, the 35-year-old father of Kourtney Kardashian's three children and a reality TV star on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is currently in a relationship with Sofia Richie, the daughter of musician Lionel Richie. The couple was recently in the news again due to a recent episode of the E! reality TV series, where Disick drew the ire of Kourtney when he introduced their three children to Richie without getting Kourtney's blessing.

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