Kanye West Shares Video Of North Singing Drake In Latest Attempt To End Feud

Kanye West wants to squash his beef with Drake. Now, the rap artist is getting his children involved in his ongoing pled for forgiveness. On social media, Kanye posted a video of his daughter North West singing along to Drake's popular (and somewhat controversial) single, "In My Feelings." While he doesn't say as much, it is considered to be Kanye's olive branch extension, a.k.a. the means to which Kanye hopes Drake will see the musician trying to make amends for bad behavior -- notably this summer, with the release date for his newest studio album Scorpion thwarted by Kanye West's swift release for the mysterious ye. It's hard to know if Drake is moved or annoyed by the gesture, but check out the video for yourself.

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While Kanye West doesn't outright say in this social media video that he is using his daughter's singing to try to make amends, that's the implication a lot of fans are taking from this gesture. Knowing Kanye West, it's hard to know for sure what he might be doing at any given point of time. Based on his recent efforts to say sorry to Drake, however, it's safe to assume this video is meant to be an act of forgiveness-- not merely as a cute moment with his daughter or some sort of taunt against the musician as they've developed this feud throughout the past few months.

While the rumor mill was lead to believe that the feud between Kanye West and Drake had something to do with the release dates of their summer albums, which both came out within a month of each other, there is some reason to believe Kim Kardashian West might also be involved in this feud. In "In My Feelings," Drake refers to a woman named "Kiki," which is a nickname for Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West's wife and North West's mother. It was then implied that Drake might've hooked up with the famous star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian denied these allegations on social media, and it's unclear if this is just Drake's little way of getting under Kanye West's skin at the time or something to be considered.

Whatever the cause of the feud with Drake might be, Kanye West wants it to end. On Twitter, the rap artist said the following, hoping for forgiveness.

Sending good energy and love to Drake and family and crew.I haven't seen the show in person but the images look incredible online. I understand where the confusion started. Let me start by apologizing for stepping on your release date in the first place ... We were building a bond and working on music together including squashing the issues with Cudi at our office. When I put the dates up I was a bit ramped up doing 25 tweets a day TMZ happened shortly after [...] because we spoke about doing Lift Yourself together I should have given you the opportunity for us to do this together before I released it.

With Drake busy on tour promoting his popular album and not responding to any of Kanye West's posts or comments, it's unclear where things are between them. Nevertheless, we'll continue to keep you posted on this ongoing drama (and Kanye's attempt to dissipate it) right here at CinemaBlend.

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