Boy Meets World's Mr. Feeny Stopped A Home Robbery In Real Life

William Daniels Girl Meets World

As an actor, William Daniels has amassed an incredibly long-standing career. With over 60 years of professional acting credits to his name in film, television and theater, there's no denying the longevity of his acting pursuits. But Daniels is still perhaps best known for his work on the coming-of-age sitcom Boy Meets World, where he played the popular role of Mr. Feeny from 1993 all the way to 2000, when the hit show came to its ultimate conclusion. But the 91-year-old actor added another credit to his name: robber foiler. That's because Daniels stopped an intruder from robbing him this past weekend.

According to a recent report from ABC 7, William Daniels was at home with his wife, Bonnie Bartlett, when the incident occurred. It was Saturday evening, and the married couple was enjoying a quiet evening when an intruder tried to make their way into the house through the back door. It happened around 9:30 PM, according to the authorities, and Daniels had a quick-witted way of stopping the robber from causing any more damage. The actor turned on the lights inside the house, putting the intruder into plain sight. The intruder got frightened, ran away and didn't cause any harm.

Considering William Daniels' age, it is remarkable that he was able to prevent this home invasion from getting dangerous. Thankfully, nothing became of the intruder's attempt, and Mr. Daniels and his wife appear to be safe and away from harm. They also received no shortage of support from fans, who expressed concern for the actor they love from his work on the '90s sitcom, and he expressed his firm gratitude.

At the time of this reporting, no subjects have been taken into custody in relation to this crime. The Los Angeles Police Department doesn't have a clear description of the perpetrator either, so it's unclear if anyone will be brought to justice for their actions. In any case, we're glad everyone is safe.

Among the crowds of people offering their relief and support to William Daniels is none other than Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews on both Boy Meets World and its short-lived Disney Channel sequel, Girl Meets World. On Twitter, Friedle had the following to say about Daniels' weekend break-in.

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What more is there to say than that? Daniels' generations of fans were able to get a quick laugh out of the situation, now that it's clear everyone is reportedly safe and sound. When it comes to the latest news in film and TV, as well as in pop culture and the general celebrity reports, you can be sure to check back in with CinemaBlend.

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