The Story Behind Cory And Topanga's First Boy Meets World Kiss

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When Cory Matthews was busy meeting the world as a middle school student on ABC's TGIF block, he also ended up finding true love with fellow classmate Topanga Lawrence. Before that journey into romance could begin, the show marked a major milestone for Cory and Topanga during Boy Meets World Season 1. So how did Ben Savage handle filming the nerve-wracking scene? Here is what he said:

That was my first ever TV kiss, and I was very nervous, because we did that scene in front of a live audience. I was nervous! Pretty girl, tons of people watching, there's a locker. I didn't know what to do. But it was fine, it was fine. . . . I think we just did it. I don't think there was a lot of like, [planning], like, we were very young. I don't even think at the time that we gave it that much thought in terms of the repercussions. But Danielle's a sweetheart, and always a good professional.

For those who may not recall the scene of Cory and Topanga's first kiss, this is how it went down. Cory was handcuffed to a locker and Topanga was handcuffed to Cory. After remarking on Cory's bravery, he asks her if she is going to kiss him. To which Topanga asks if it would be his first kiss. Cory replies by telling Topanga to get away from him, which she does not do.

Topanga then explains the positive significance she feels Cory having his first kiss -- while feeling he looked weird -- would have on him. In spite of his attempt to dissuade her, Topanga decides to push Cory up against the locker and kiss him. With Cory speechless, Topanga reveals that it was her first kiss too.

Now, can you imagine having your first kiss televised? And knowing millions were going to see it. It is enough to give anyone major anxiety. That is the world of acting, where an on-screen kiss can also be an actor's real-life first kiss.

When Cory and Topanga's first kiss was filmed, both actors were very young. Ben Savage was 12-years-old and Danielle Fishel was 11-years-old. Those ages add even more awkwardness to the entire ordeal. They managed to make it through that scene though. Despite his anxiety, Ben Savage's remarks to ET indicate he has made it through unscathed.

Little could Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have known that Cory and Topanga's first kiss would mark the beginnings of a long-term on-screen relationship. Despite a lot of the drama that ensued, Cory and Topanga's dating relationship would ultimately result in them getting married on Boy Meets World. The sitcom would end in 2000 after seven seasons on the air. In 2014, Boy Meets World got a spinoff entitled Girl Meets World that proved the love story lasted.

The Disney Channel show revealed that Cory and Topanga went on to have to two children -- a daughter named Riley and a son named Auggie. The show was cancelled after three seasons, which means viewers may have seen Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel's last on-screen kiss as Cory and Topanga. Thankfully for both actors, that final kiss was probably a lot less awkward to film than their first. Speaking of which, you can watch Cory and Topanga's first kiss in the video below:

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