Kanye West Says He's Taking A Break From Politics In Latest Twitter Rant

Kanye West on Ellen

Kanye West has earned no shortage of coverage and criticism for his political beliefs throughout 2018. The rap artist has often been seen sporting a red "Make America Great Again" hat on his noggin, and he isn't afraid to be open and honest and confessional about his support for President Donald Trump-- whom the musician met with inside the White House a few weeks earlier. But Kanye West claims those days are coming to an end. During his latest statement on social media, Kanye said his eyes have opened, and that he is only now realizing that he's "spreading messages" he "doesn't believe in."

My eyes are now wide open and now realize I've been used to spread messages I don't believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!

These social media comments are in stark contrast to the rhetoric that Kanye West has been spouting throughout the past few months. Or, hell, even the Kanye West that has been around for the past couple of years.

Lest we forget, West is the musician who used his time on the VMAs to announce his bid for the U.S. presidency. He also voiced his support of Donald Trump throughout the past two years, claiming he would've voted for him during the 2016 election. He also met with Donald Trump inside his building in the months leading up to the current President's time inside the White House.

Will Kanye West keep his promise and put politics aside as he continues with his work? It's hard to know for sure. You can never predict Kanye's next move, after all. But if West is being truthful here, then it will serve as a swift change-of-pace from the Kanye we've gotten to know recently.

Ffor some fans of Kanye West, this news couldn't have come a moment too soon, while others will likely mourn the outspoken artist that Kanye West has become in the ongoing months of 2018. It's not made clear in this tweet what creative projects from Kanye West are being referred to, but one has to assume that Kanye will keep his focus sharply on Yandi, the newest studio album that was supposed to come out a whole month earlier.

Whatever happens next, Kanye West is gonna be Kanye West. It's never a dull day in the unpredictable life of the popular and controversial music artist. Of course, we'll continue to keep you posted on all the latest news and updates related to Kanye West and more right here at CinemaBlend.

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