Mel B's Halloween Costume Threw Serious Shade At Victoria Beckham

Traditionally, when it comes to Halloween costumes, people go one of two ways with their choices. Either the person in the suit wants to be a different person, assuming the costume of someone they wish to be for the evening. These choices range from Marvel characters to silly choices like Austin Powers, with the possibilities being endless. Alternatively, the person inside the costume might want to turn themselves into a joke, providing a costume that pokes fun at the figure they're dressed up as.

The latter is what Mel B opted for this year, wearing an ensemble that harkens back to her former music ensemble, The Spice Girls. Specifically, Scary Spice decided to dress up as none other than Posh Spice herself, Victoria Beckham. And the outfit indebted to the fellow musician was not super flattering. You can check out the humorous photo for yourself below, and judge amongst yourself just how crude it is to wear such an outfit about a friend and colleague.

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The spicy Halloween costume photo certainly isn't playing nice to Victoria Beckham. And that's intentional. The Halloween attire from Scary Spice herself is clearly poking fun at Victoria Beckham's insistence on not doing a reunion tour with The Spice Girls-- for reasons that aren't completely clear.

The other members of the world-famous girl group have expressed interest in reuniting, knowing it would drive in droves of nostalgic fans to concert arenas all around the globe. But Beckham continues to put her foot down on the matter, and Mel B made it clear: she's not happy about her decision.

Victoria Beckham hasn't responded to Mel B's attire for that holiday evening, but she has recently spoken out about her past as a Spice Girl. Specifically, she talked about the outfits she once adorned during this period in her life, and how she's going to make sure her daughter isn't seen in the same short skirts if she can help it. That's a tall order; to tell your children to not act like the way you did when you were younger. But one many parents struggle with-- even if you're not a pop star.

Will The Spice Girls ever reunite? It's hard to say. While Victoria Beckham doesn't seem interested in getting back on stage with her former ensemble, there was a faint promise earlier this summer of the girls reuniting to perform at the Royal Wedding. That didn't ultimately come to pass, but it did renew interest in The Spice Girls being in the public spotlight again. Whether the girls decide to go back for another tour is a lingering question at this moment of time, but it's clear from this photo that Mel B isn't happy with Victoria Beckham's reluctance to be back on the world stage yet again.

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