Victoria Beckham Won't Let Her Daughter Wear The Short Skirts She Donned As A Spice Girl

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The fashion of The Spice Girls has always been among their most signature features. But the short skirts that Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, accessorized throughout her glamorous time in the girl group won't be worn by Beckham's daughters -- at least, if the former musician can help it.

On a recent episode of The Barneys Podcast, Victoria Beckham was asked about her legacy as Posh Spice in The Spice Girls, and how that affected her when it comes to child raising. As Beckham admits on the show, there are times where the former pop singer has told her daughter, Harper (7), that she can't wear what her mother wore -- much to young Harper's surprise. Evidently, the famous child won't have the same luxuries Beckham had.

Absolutely not. She's like, 'Wow mummy, you used to wear really short skirts.' 'Yes I did, Harper, and no, you're not going to.' It's that classic 'do as I say, don't do as I do.'

One often has to wonder what it's like to be the child of a celebrity. When it comes to matters such as this one, you inevitably have to meet the point where the child is going to ask questions, particularly about the past of the parents. It only takes a quick Google search to find the fashion choices that Victoria Beckham once sported, and while they are signature to her name and brand, she doesn't want her daughter to inherit those slim-fitting outfits.

Harper Beckham is one of four children parented by Victoria Beckham. Victoria and her husband, athlete David Beckham, are also the parents of three sons: Brooklyn (19), Romeo (16) and Cruz (13). Motherhood is something that Victoria Beckham has focused on away from her life as a famous pop celebrity, although there have certainly been offers directed her way to return to the high fashion and extremely glamorous lifestyle of The Spice Girls.

Indeed, Victoria Beckham has (mostly) put her days in The Spice Girls behind her -- to the point where the one-time musician was reportedly the one who was stalling the reunion that the other members of the girl group want to embark upon soon. Alas, despite heavy rumors of The Spice Girls being involved with the Royal Wedding, a reunion involving The Spice Girls hasn't ultimately come to pass. But, you know what they say: never say never.

Alas, unless something changes, it doesn't sound like Victoria Beckham is interested in becoming Posh Spice once again. But if that were to change, and anything is possible (especially these days), you can definitely be sure to hear about her renewed interest in the group right here at CinemaBlend.

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