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Ariana Grande's catchy break-up single, "thank u, next," has become more infectious than even she predicted. The hit song has wormed its way into pop culture and become the source of memes, dissection, and misunderstandings galore. It also caught the unwitting notice of none other than Mark Hamill, who tweeted about the pop single unknowingly and made Grande lose her mind in the process. Here's what Mr. Hamill posted on social media.

The unsuspecting tweet was certainly well-received by Ariana Grande, who wasn't shy about responding to the tweet with her own unabashed glee.

Unfortunately, however, it wasn't long after this exchange that Mark Hamill needed to correct himself. The Star Wars actor admitted that he was out of the loop and that he didn't intend on quoting one of the biggest songs of the year by one of our most famous pop stars. Hamill credited the whole thing to being an old man who is totally out of the loop with pop culture, and he apologized to Ariana Grande for any confusion he caused with the particular tweet.

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Thankfully, Ariana Grande didn't seem to mind the confusion. In fact, she appreciated it quite a bit. So much so, the pop singer joked about getting the whole awkward tweet of Mark Hamill explaining himself tattooed on her forehead. Well, that would certainly be a bold new look for Ariana Grande, pop singer sensation, and it would definitely stand out in a crowd. Though, of course, Ariana Grande is one of the most recognizable people on the planet as it is already, so standing out is not a problem or anything. Nevertheless, Grande wasn't at all shy about showing her appreciation for Hamill's words.

Twitter exchanges between random celebrities are fairly common these days, but it's always fun when two well-known media personalities from different spaces get along and share a cute exchange with one another over the interweb. A little kindness goes a long way, and it's nice to see Mark Hamill and Ariana Grande have a nice, civil, friendly and joke-y exchange that sprouted from Hamill's out-of-touchiness with today's newest pop songs.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande has attracted no shortage of media attention -- particular since her public break-up with her fiancé, Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson. While it hasn't been publicly announced why the couple decided to part ways, it's apparent from both "thank u, next" and Davidson's civil address to the matter on SNL that they are hoping to let the matter go away as best they can and both parties are ready to move on from here.

We're should be hearing a whole lot more about Ariana Grande and Mark Hamill in the days and months to come. For Hamill that's particularly the case, as there is speculation aplenty when it comes to the new Star Wars film, which continues to be the big source of major discourse. For Grande, it will be through music, that is, unless a new love interest springs up...